Wix Is Gone

Wix Is Gone:

I had to remove my wix web page. It was not good enough. Not fit for purpose really. Very difficult to use. I was writing better web pages before they were born, but there is nowhere to host one anymore.

I was trying to find my Media files on their site, and couldn’t, so I had to delete the page. No search box. Nothing but endless useless link chases going round in circles and finishing back where you start with nothing achieved.

It’s gone. (I can’t see it continuing actually)

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Exams Results Are Not Everything:

Exams Results Are Not Everything:

Do exam results envelopes have the following message below the address?

“Your local Samaritans can be contacted at the following phone number 000000000000000.”

If you do well in exams, well done. If not, life goes on the same.

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There Are Millions Like Him In Europe. All

There Are Millions Like Him In Europe. All:

I have been dealing with them for decades, and they are all of the opinion that the koran is correct in saying muslims must kill everyone else, until only they exist. Now grow up and face the reality. They are killing you behind the scenes according to the teachings of their false prophet. It is their religion. Like in the muslim run NHS. When you meet a muslim on the street, do you really believe they accept Christianity? I hear them openly discussing taking us over every day.


Britain is a Christian nation. Always has been and always will be. As it must be. No muslim should be allowed to express an opinion based on the koran. Not even in private or even in their mosques or just between themselves. If they want to remain here or in Europe, they must become as Jews through the name of my friend Christ (ianity) or go away.

And for Christ’s sake burn that damned book and ban the mentioning of the blasphemous name Muhammad entirely. Our weak governments are at fault.

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Piston Drive Electric Motors?

Piston Drive Electric Motors?:

Should electric motors be piston drive?

It would actually be easier to computerize a piston drive system of positive / negative magnetic fields using multiple pistons, and even with a cylinder ‘head’ at each end of the piston shaft, and the increase in power and efficiency we are well aware of from comparing rotary internal combustion engines to piston drives. Both ends of the piston shaft could be utilised for powering using the two heads. Even the piston itself? Even two pistons driving on the same shaft at once, and try timing that with a fuelled engine. Impossible, but not with electricity.

Could even be measured in cubic capacity?  I.e. 1,000 cc electric motor. Could it be run backwards as well?

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Another Guitar In The Bin

Another Guitar In The Bin:

I purchased another second hand guitar from a charity shop in Elgin, and binned it. I was robbed. It would not stay in tune. Even for minutes. Also, it was not accurate along the fret board. Far from it in fact. For example: Fifth fret fourth string should be G again. Not on that guitar. It was nearer A flat, and you try playing that with the accuracy of a sequencer or other instruments, and it won’t work. The frets, obviously,  were improperly spaced.

The company has the nerve to offer music lessons as well. God knows what your children could learn from them. I warn you professional musicians that if you advertise rubbish like this, designed to be unusable, whilst you and the makers laugh all the way to the bank, you will all pay eventually, with your souls.

The guitar was a Hohner Concerta Acoustic. Toy perhaps, but not sold as such, but a fraud definitely. You would end up committing suicide if you bought something like this. Thinking you were at fault. I’ve had a great many guitars in my life*, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Binned already. As they might say in America.

Note* The Government took all that part of my early life away with false accusations, and have shown no remorse. Now they intend to poison you all by Fracking. Scotch whisky is already poisoned by the test bores. There is no margin for error in Britain, because it is too narrow. An area twice the size of the Britain was already poisoned in the U.S., but it’s bigger.

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Making Chips Properly For God’s Sake

Making Chips Properly For God’s Sake:

muslims and other none cooks. Potatoes were the staple diet of the Scots. Yet you have come here and using arab (OPEC) oil money you have bought over our chip shops, and opened restaurants, and think you can cook. You can’t. You just ruin our spuds, and our lives. Everything else is just everything thrown together and called a curry, or something with a sauce in it.

I had chips in Elgin yesterday, 08.08.16, from a chip shop, and I had to throw away a third of them. Rubbish. The restaurants are all the same as well.

If you don’t learn to make proper chips, and cook properly, you run the risk of being deported, and if you don’t have proper prices, the same. You are idiots. You really should be handed picks and shovels and made to work.

How to make chips correctly: Chips, which are good enough to eat, and will have people queuing outside the doors of chip shops again, or even at mum’s table, are not fried. They are boiled in oil. That means the temperature is turned down until the oil is just above, but only just above low simmering, with the potatoes, not frying on the outside and leaving the centre uncooked. Or crisping the outside in  a vain attempt to cook the middle. The oil should even go back from the bubbling stage a couple of times during the cooking, which will, and should happen, as with simmering, if you do it right. Chips should be almost still white when done. It takes a little longer, but the results speak for themselves.

To make them manageable to eat, and not soggy, a slight adjustment of the temperature up from low simmering is required to firm them slightly. (From start to finish. Not during. Experiment. Once you have it, stay with it for ever) Do not blame the potatoes or the oil. It is true that some tatties are easier, and the old dripping had something to be said for it, but Veg oil is good enough and most potatoes are also good enough, though may require differing times. Muslim or Indian or Chinese and others, are not good enough. Who told them they can cook? Not me that’s for sure.

I could write a lot more about this, such as drying the cut chips before emersion, but once you get the idea you’ll know what is required yourselves. When people can eat all the chips of all sizes in the portion, and enjoy them, then you’ll know you’ve got it right. That is why they must be boiled and not fried.

There is not a chip shop or restaurant in the Highlands or Grampian now that does not sell garbage at fools prices. One of the worst is Ashers bakery throughout the Highlands, and Tesco, to name but two. I blame fools such as celebrity chefs, who are really advertising Sh*t with sugar on it that should be put in the bin untouched. All of it without exception.

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muslims Manipulating In America As Usual

muslims Manipulating In America As Usual:

The muslim arab way of islam, is the most manipulative organisation on this planet. I see they are trying to decide the U.S. election to further their evil ways. They do exactly the same here. For years our local hospital board (Dr. Grays, Hospital, Elgin) was headed by a local Butcher. White as snow? No. black as coal when he’s washed, and I’ve seen him that way.

I was privy to many decisions being made concerning the hiring of doctors and nurses years ago. You can be sure, though I only know the full extent of the problem from hindsight, that he, and others of his muslim ilk, only hired muslims for the purpose of killing us. You can be equally certain that their only training is in killing Jews and Christians with a big smile on their faces. Black or whitened.

I recall one such conversation, which he was not part of. A temporary nurse was required to cover for sickness and holidays on a ward, which more or less meant full time. If not actually full time. Several senior nurses and the hospital unit boss. A male nurse. Equivalent of a matron in the old days. Were trying to decide who to employ. Many names were mentioned by the Christian girls and boys, but something was said against them all. Tut Tut Tut. All ’til the muslims mentioned Wee Meggie. Who got the post.

Needless to say the decision was manipulated by the black, but whitened, ‘Wee Meggie’s’ muslim pals, until the others had no option, not knowing what was being done, but employ her.

Note: Concerning the U.S. elections. I’m not American.

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High Speed Battery Charging

High Speed Battery Charging:

We all know that they said high speed broadband was impossible, until some people made it possible, and so many other things as well. They say that the biggest hindrance to electric power powering everything from cars to ships, and even planes, is batteries require to be charged too often, or be too big to lug around, and take too long to power up. Unless they are huge batteries, but they won’t have to be huge if they can be charged in seconds. This was my idea with these electric motors. Computers refining the various movements and power supplies to perfection to utilise power and electrics to perfect waste free movement and storage, as opposed to just sticking a couple of car jump leads on a couple of terminals and waiting hours for power, which is all you do really when charging your phone for example. Primitive stuff.

Okay: I say go to it. Like everything else it will be people outside of the battery manufacturing industry who will come up with the answer.

Talking About Industries: I signed up with the government for eighteen months broadband. First year free, and the last six months at an agreed rate. Today I received an official letter telling me that “Unfortunately, as costs are rising, for the last seven months prices are to increase.”

Guess what? Those costs will retrieve for them, the government, your government, exactly what they gave us free for the first eleven months. Scum. Go crawl back into the hole you climbed out of. (Would not have added up with just the six months either you understand) And as ever, we must abide by the contract, but they need not.

The following small print is for them only:

F*ck off.
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Mosul, Iraq

Mosul, Iraq:

I was suspicious before, but now my suspicions are on high alert. The Iraq army are determined that only they will enter Mosul. There is something there to hide obviously. The way they are diverting others away from it is suspicious enough in itself. Protecting it even.

It’s a long story, and it began in the Holy Bible. For example Jeremiah. “When the waters roar the sound of their voice is heard all over the planet.”

The Mosul Dam? None muslims are forbidden near it and Mosul, as much as from mecca. If the Iraq army, of muslims, enter Mosul will they be prepared to hide, and use themselves, whatever is there, just the same?


Whatever, or wherever it is, we can be sure Kuwait is part of it. We can be sure now also that any foreigners who have been there are muslims as well. Including white niggers from other nations. I’d like it kept intact.

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Why You Are All Killing Each Other

Why You Are All Killing Each Other:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He made mankind, and he issued a book of instructions, which are designed to keep order in all the earth. His words are fair laws for everybody.

Now you have a different law each. For example police think that they are the up keepers of the law. People who get no protection and no benefit from police upheld laws in any nation are inevitably going to take the law into their own hands. However, unfortunately even their law is no better,  or worse,  than the laws of their government’s police forces. They are only different.

Well is it written that the world’s leaders will be locked up for breaking, nay even destroying, God’s common laws to further themselves.

Isaiah 24:21-22

If world leaders think that the vast majority of people will concern themselves about young people killing people, then I suggest you think again, because if the truth be told they have as much right to uphold their own laws as their governments have to uphold theirs. After all their governments laws are killing them.

Only God’s laws can be right for everyone. You see there is no place on earth for democracy without religion in control of it. If the truth be told, at present everyone has the right to kill anyone they disagree with, and is hurting them. That is government policy when they say freedoms for all to hurt as they wish.

A single Church is the only way to make a fair society for everyone, and then if someone breaks the laws, we’ll know that they are breaking God’s fair laws, and not the unfair laws of the earth’s kings as are.

Which religion?

Christianity. It amazes me that Muslims think their book, which was taken in part from the Holy scriptures of the Jewish people and with a few incredulous additions of their own added, can possibly be above the very book it was taken from. That is impossible. Therefore Muslims cannot be above Jews or Christians. The Book Of Mormon should just be dismissed as another Arab ploy to take over God’s earth. However those are certain ways to undermine God’s laws and create an unjust world. Therefore it is Christianity that the single Church must serve, with the Holy Bible being where the laws are taken from. Muslims, Mormons, Sikhs, Buddhists, Gays, Lesbians Etc. are just a few examples of freedoms causing people to kill each other, and who is to say who is correct. Certainly not your governments or police. After all they kill far more decent people, and destroy many more, in order to protect the freedoms of people the Church would condemn out of hand.

Yeshua Christ calls me his friend. That is not something you should take lightly. Not if you wish to avoid everlasting contempt. Or worse.

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