What Is A Church Building For?

What Is A Church Building For?

It should be a place of compulsory education, and centre of congregation communities, appointed by Post Codes. Run just like any other school for the teaching of God’s ways, “which will be done on earth as they are in heaven.” There is an awful lot to learn. To opt out is to endanger others. As is happening now. A single compulsory Christian Church, begun around Elgin Cathedral and backed by our various UK governments, is essential. It is not for politicians to stand in God’s way. All they need do is pass the bill in their parliaments. They will be of the Church also, and will carry on as such.

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You Were Sitting Tooo Comfortably

You Were Sitting Tooo Comfortably:

They couldn’t allow that to continue. So they decided that in order to get your bums on football stadium seats again they had to wake you up. The amazing thing is that a few of you are falling for it. A European super league was impossible. I dread to think of the travelling costs for supporters. It was never meant to be. It was a media initiative we can be sure. With teams of psychologists. They have most to lose if you turn your attentions elsewhere. As you must. Rest easy now.

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My Carers Are Nearly All From Keith

My Carers Are Nearly All From Keith: Banffshire

The people of Keith tried to kill me, and have not given up. It is rather obvious they are being sent to finish me off. They are making a good job of it too. If you knew what they did to me for decades? Don’t expect them to ever accept God, or Christ or my music. They are way beyond redemption.

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Never Trust Your N.H.S.

Never Trust Your N.H.S:

Again their failings are becoming more apparent every day. Thousands dead, and even more dying as a result, and they’re being found out. That AstraZeneca vaccine is lethal. I include myself, and every nurse and carer I have ask me if I’ve made out my will. They are inflicting terrible pain while pretending to heal me. It was practically a social workers first words to me about ‘my will’. What are they up to? And scientists kill with everything they do.

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Scientists Really Are Thick

Scientists Really Are Thick: Dump them in favour of God and Yeshua Christ.

As a layman who knows considerably more than they ever will, but not nearly as much as God, I have to say that the Astra Zeneca vaccine certainly produces all the symptoms listed. Total fatigue, feeling sick all the time, bleeding everywhere, blurring vision, Etc. (I’ve collapsed three times since I got it, and been in hospital once) I suspect that if you come in contact with the Covid Virus, after you’ve had the vaccine, the vaccine might clot it in your blood. It could be liable to do that for ever if it turns out to be a long term vaccine. (I suspect it’s the gas they use on me in my case) The vaccine could kill you at any time for years to come. Like all their drugs can. Trust in God, Christ, and a single Church. Will I recover or have to rely on resurrection? Has anyone looked into the tree of life leaves. I notice Arabs want to be part of Israel’s desalination plants suddenly, because it’s a highway to the tree of life if it is in fact in Israel. I suspect it is. The flaming sword that turns this way and that shows the way. They’ve at least been reading my blogs, and showing an interest, thankyou. My nurses are starting to realise, without me prompting them, that I should not have the second dose. I’ll take it anyway, because I could not be worse, short of death.

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Must I Remind The Irish What It Was Like?

Must I Remind The Irish What It Was Like?

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Joe Biden’s Son

Joe Biden’s Son:

It appears that Donald Trump told the truth about your son President Biden. Your son is in need of being strung up, and that is what Donald and I think. Why? Let us consider what type of persons will support him and you, and refuse to condemn him for being a drug addict. Every drug dealer, extortionist, drunk, effeminate, (the list can be found here 1. Corinthians 6:9-10. Look it up and understand it) The BBC and every media outlet in the western world will support him and give him sympathy, and in doing so create another million, or more, no hopers who create havoc on earth. I think, though I’m not certain, that transvestites are born to drug takers who have terribly upset their natural breeding bodies. The media earn a lot of cash from the chaos they create. Hang him and his type Joe. I would. “The transgressors are come to the full.” Bible, and the end must be nigh.

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