In This Case Lady Gaga

In This Case Lady Gaga: (Her Opinion Of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence) 

My Friend Yeshua Christ is not a Christian either.

Note Please: Excuse my short silly posts at present, but I really have been very ill. 

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Did You See How Clean My Moon Is

Did You See How Clean My Moon Is:

Others had a filthy muddy moon.

On the subject of music. I listened to the 1990’s (94? Glastonbury?) Johnny Cash concert at some place in England on YouTube last night then listened to one of my own albums. Pick any one. Mine is better, and I’m a fan of Johnny Cash.  

Did they drop their moon in a muddy concert field last night, and kick it around? 

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The moon’s above my house

The moon’s above my house:

And should not be.

6.20pm you have below.


11.25pm my door top. It is travelling north now. Should it be? It’s Always gone east before.

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The Moon 6.20 Ish pm 20.01.19

The Moon 6.20 Ish pm 20.01.19: (About Ten Minutes Ago) 

From My Door Step. Nothing unusual. Just wait until the earth moves and heavens really look wrong. 

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Bored And Full Of Wind (Gas)


img 20190120 172055

img 20190120 172055


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Simple Brexit Question

Simple Brexit Question: 

The people of Britain voted to leave Europe. One woman decided to change that by taking the process to court and the court made it a matter for parliament to decide. No hope of that ever happening. 

Why don’t the people who voted for it have the court nonsense overturned again, or ignore it? 

It will destroy the United Kingdom any way it evolves now. It could do no other. 

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Can Lucifer (The Devil) Be Arrested

Can Lucifer (The Devil) Be Arrested: 

Absolutely. A period of 1,000 years in the bottomless pit starting soon awaits him. Is he Prince Philip? 

I’m not in bed because I was, but nearly passed out again. Gas through the wall put me to sleep in the evening. I had eaten my tea, but never got a chance to have a drink. I just fell into bed and fell asleep. I knew I had to drink, but there is no way to fight that gas. 

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Too Many Being Bribed To Sign Official Secrets Act

Too Many Being Bribed To Sign Official Secrets Act: 

Too many serious crimes are being ‘HIDDEN‘ in the uk by people being paid huge wages to do so. BBC presenters and GP’s spring immediately to mind, but there are many more. This in itself is a crime worthy of a death penalty, because it means death to others. The Bible John murders in Glasgow is an example. Think of how many people would be saved if they told the truth.

You need a single compulsory Christian Church. Without it it’s a class war of enormous differences in living conditions and law. 

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Prince Philip And I Went For Check Ups On Friday

Prince Philip And I Went For Check Ups On Friday: 

In my case I had no accident, and was not even near the accident I was not involved in at the time of the accident itself, but I was at the surgery. Anyway. 

However: There are teams of security personnel that precede Royals a few days before any visit to every area they go to. Including Morayshire. They pass their reports to the regular security and move on to the next place. I approve of all of that. I also approve of Prince Philip, but 

The only witness, so far, to Prince Philip’s accident is definitely one of those people. Probably lives in the vicinity. I voted remain in the Brexit vote, but this type of manipulation is only for the good of the over paid liberals such as the BBC. 

Storming of the Bastille could happen again you know. 

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New Bill To Protect Poofs

New Bill To Protect Poofs: 

Speech, I think in the house of Lords, about a new bill to protect Gays Lesbians and other minority groups. Go away.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of discrimination and abuse from the poofs and Liberals who make my life hell on earth, you would demand the words of God be restored, and call them the criminals that they are. Protect us from them. 

They have been pure evil in my life, and most of yours as well, though you may not know where your problems come from. 

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