‘Glory On’

‘Glory On’:

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Glory On is an anti war song really. “They shall learn war no more.” Bible

Worried Yet? Saint Luke 21:25-28 I am.

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Carillion? I’ve No Idea, But

Carillion? I’ve No Idea, But:

European funded projects, and grants from the EU.

Think of the EU as being a means of saving (Banking) and getting it back by application. Now people, who should know better are saying there will be more money for things like the NHS, because money is not going to go to the EU. 

People are already spending the money. Money that does not exist. If projects currently paid for by the EU are to continue, an account with the Bank of England MUST replace the role of SAVING towards those projects, and must be set up. It must be left intact until such a time as funds are there before any is paid out. 

Councils such as Moray District Council have to apply for EU funding. Often at the request of the EU, who have to pay out money. This method of applying MUST CONTINUE, because money is tight sometimes. Albeit from a (The) fund for the purpose. A responsible administration MUST be appointed to manage it. Fully transparent. Government cannot be allowed to spend the money from the fund. Only oversee it. Pay money into it, (Obviously) but take no money from it. They can have their say. I.e. put a stop to any ridiculous use, over use, or under use. Their governing money must continue to be separate. 

You can’t just go on demanding money, which is becoming limited, be used for this that and the other with no thought for tomorrow. It must be regulated in an orderly manner. 

I wouldn’t care, but as I’ve said so often, a single Church would gather such money for communities by default, and administer it from a central fund, with no fuss or bother. It’s exactly the same thing. 

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It’s The Same For Christians Here Now

It’s The Same For Christians Here Now:

Why were other religions allowed to speak about this question? Might as well not of bothered asking the question, because they gave all the answers for them. Christians were not heard. Muslims have decided who can come here then?

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Preventing Polio Etc. Is Easy Now

Preventing Polio Etc. Is Easy Now:

Because those illnesses that they can easily cure are in the blood. Cancer and Parkinson’s etc., are not. They’re in the water tracks. Sweat pores etc. It can’t involve rocket science to find cures, and means to get them into the water tracks, using nearly the same methods.

I could do it.

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What Is Cancer?

What Is Cancer: (From MSN Today)

Cancer is gas, normally sprayed through the walls of your house by a White Nigger. Or Other place.

It is in the water tracks of the body. Not the blood stream. The tracks that feed the sweat pores and saliva Etc. The same tracks that lubricate the internal organs, and keep the flesh supple. Taken in by the lungs. The cure is to round up White Niggers like the Democrat Senator who is accusing President Trump of calling Blacks, of which he is one, names, and deport them somewhere. Wash him and you’ll see. 

An anti bacterial / anti biotic in the water tracks is also a good idea.

You will never get the National Health Service to admit to this, as it will prove they are worthless.

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Your Broadband And Your Business

Your Broadband And Your Business:

So what have we learned from my broadband problems? We’ve learned that broadband is delivered with adjustable settings which your provider can change for your good, or bad. In my case it’s my Christian religion someone doesn’t like. (This post is not a further complaint. I’ll leave well alone) 

I have no business. I’m too ill to work, believe me.
However if you are in business, and suffering from your broadband letting you down, consult the government, and for it to be looked into in general, to ensure it’s not deliberate ever. Many of those services are passed to secondary companies. Even abroad. 

P.S. And this is important, because it can lead to sudden discrimination. If you have a sudden crisis and blurt out “Oh Jesus Christ”, because you’ve been brought up a Christian. Or “Mahmud” if you’re a Muslim. What do other religions say, if they bash their thumb for example?

I suspect even government / local government individuals are being hindered by broadband providers. Apply this to health care and you have a crisis of a deadly nature. 

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Ennie Meenie Minnie Mo

Ennie Meenie Minnie Mo:

I was getting my legs dressed yesterday, and they were trying to decide whether to use 30cm by 20cm (12″ X 8″) pads, or 20cm by 10cm (8″ X 4″) pads.
(I wish they’d used the usual ten larger one’s, five on each leg, because I just had to patch their work, and still the blood is pouring out)
However; that is not what this post is about.
While they were deciding I was making my own choices using my fingers, and saying eenie meenie minnie mo catch a n
Stop that they yelled, did you never watch top gear?
I’m trying to choose which of you to ask on a date first, I told them. Leave me I’m happy.
We’re married they said. I know that, I said, but there are loads of you.
You stopped me at your boss by the way.

When I was young the young men would walk around the dance floor asking girls to dance. Sometimes they’d say yes, one dance, but mostly they’d say no. In which case they simply walked some more.
How many times I saw couples the following weeks holding hands, and then announcing they had become engaged and eventually married. Most still together decades later, family, grand kids, even great grand kids, but not the first choice on the first night. Crazy world. Is this why some men use prostitutes? I don’t know.

As I left and was walking along the corridor I heard them saying eenie meenie minnie mo , , , maybe fixing an old man a date? 

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E E Are Interfering With Other Providers Lines?

E E Are Interfering With Other Providers Lines?:

11:05 am: Funny, but my provider just called and said it should be okay now. Just as I was looking forward to sitting back and watching the provider wars. 

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Blacks Have Better Teeth Than Us?

Blacks Have Better Teeth Than Us?:

No they have not. They must brush their teeth four or five times a day I think. The antidote to cancer Etc. is in the toothpaste and mouth wash. They are born with teeth no better than the rest of us.
Like a pill under the tongue for Angina, it enters the saliva tracks. Saliva first, and on to the body’s’ sweat pores, because that is where cancer is. It should be good for cystic fibrosis also. You know how sore your mouth is if it’s very dry like around the organs in cystic fibrosis.
My God when I think of the lengths they went to, to prevent me cleaning my sensitive gums in public toilets, before. The comments were criminal. Those teeth are long gone.

These are not Muslims though. They are black Africans. Perhaps Muslims as well, but. 

I went into an Elgin shop for an anti bacterial mouth wash. A White black jumped in before me, and shovelled every bottle into his trolley. Went to the check out, and paid over thirty pounds for them. Nothing else. I thought he was just being nasty as ever? Not the case. 

I should have known when the toothpaste manufacturers changed all their packaging and ingredients over night after Lucy Irvine’s book Castaway spelled out the good of the paste for skin disease. All the major makers. 

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‘Amazing Grace’ How Sweet The Sound

‘Amazing Grace’ How Sweet The Sound: That saved a wretch like me

Amazing Grace

This is God’s favourite of mine. So far.

1 Peter 1:13

“Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

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