Council Parks

Council Parks:

Council owned parks in Britain, such as Cooper Park, Elgin, and Hyde Park, London, have been receiving European funding to keep them up to standard?

There seems to be sudden concern within the councils of the U.K. at the moment that they might find it difficult to carry on with their upkeep. It makes sense that they might be receiving the same Euro land grants for land owned as Farmers and other land owners. Brexit means brexit. It also means road potholes may be left as holes.

Also: Councils should (Must) fit and maintain proper Ultra Violet lights in shops and stores and libraries and public buildings and on main streets, Etc. To flush out whitened Blacks. As a matter of top priority security we should know who is liable to kill us, and steal our jobs for their own black children.  It is far more required for saving lives than compulsory fire alarms. (Need them as well of course) Millions of dead a year by their koran policy. Cost: Just a few pennies, and only they would object. Ignore their opinion.

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Strange Moral Values

Strange Moral Values:

It is rather obvious that politicians seeking votes begin to be tolerant of criminals in their speeches. It is really the media (Such as CNN and the BBC who demand it) They thrive on calling evil good, and good evil. They call my songs evil, even though they are rather obviously good.

Isaiah 5:20-24

20 Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    and clever in their own sight.

22 Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine
    and champions at mixing drinks,
23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe,
    but deny justice to the innocent.
24 Therefore, as tongues of fire lick up straw
    and as dry grass sinks down in the flames,
so their roots will decay
    and their flowers blow away like dust;
for they have rejected the law of the Lord Almighty
    and spurned the word of the Holy One of Israel.

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U.S. Election Debate – Round 1.

U.S. Election Debate – Round 1.:

Donald Trump all. Hilary Clinton Nil.

A few of the points raised again: Donald Trump wants to reduce business taxes to generate employment and industry. Letting the employees earn, and proudly pay taxes. (Like Starbucks in Europe) He says he’s smart not paying taxes, but really it’s not the purpose of a business to pay taxes. Where is the money for reinvestment to come from? Read your Bible. It rightly promotes capitalism. Mostly using Vine Yards as the yard stick. Where our businesses have failed is successive governments not understanding this vital principle.

Stop and Frisk for weapons: Obviously it will reduce shootings. Stop and frisk ten people in public, and ten thousand will leave their weapons at home. Or bin them.

Protection treaties: All China has to do is encourage North Korea to threaten everyone and the entire American fleet is tied up in the Pacific. Costing $$$$ (How they must laugh all the way to the Yen banks)

Hilary has been to one hundred and twelve nations negotiating. Trump said, in other words, it will all have to be done again. So badly was it done before.

The middle east: First nuclear strike, but it will be ten men who have no kingdom ‘as yet’ who will do it. It might not be in the middle east? Not even nuclear?

Borders: Hilary has had years to attend to the above, including borders, and has done nothing. Not one item. Promoting the evil of multi cultures instead.

The fact is she has not a clue from what she said. Only points she scored were ones she had access to as government secretary and no one can really verify. Meaningless gibberish.

If elected she’ll change nothing, and more blacks will die needlessly, and more jobs will go. For round two she’ll have to come up with more than she has said.

Donald’s mistake: Letting muslims into his Florida golf club. Shame on you Donald.

Round 2. is when?

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Hilary Clinton’s Blind Eye/s. (This Is Not A Political Post)

Hilary Clinton’s Blind Eye/s. (This Is Not A Political Post)

This post is just a simple moral observation, and could apply to all the present world leaders in one way or another.

Hilary Clinton turns a blind eye to her husbands affairs, and immoral acts of any kind. What else does she turn a blind eye to?

Gays? Lesbians? Organised criminals? Thieves? Bankers Nieces? (B. Dylan) Muslims taking us over with the koran’s instructions? Paedophiles? Cross dressers? Extortioners? ??????

You can see where Donald Trump is coming from can’t you. It’s not about black and white. It’s about right and wrong, but does he know enough about right and wrong to avoid a criminal take over, instead of a criminal clean up? I am fortunate to have a friend in Yeshua Christ keeping me right.


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‘The Reason Why’

‘The Reason Why’:

President Obama, how should you feel as a black Christian walking down streets lined by shops and other businesses owned and run by muslims who should not even be there, and many of them coloured artificially white. Watching them doing the jobs that could easily be done by blacks and getting very well paid for it, but which they are forbidden from getting because of their religion.

Bring muslims into line with Christianity by compulsory Christian religion. We will make their religion, and other daft religions, illegal in Christian nations. Then illegal on planet earth. Even if we must destroy the planet doing it. Amen

Anger is building against them in the U.K. to boiling point. I look at the blacks in your police force on T.V., and recognize them as muslims, just like here, and in Europe.

Also On Wix Galore Album

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Faith, Hope, (Charity)

Faith, Hope, (Charity):

This sums up my song Faith to perfection, but more than that it sums up the damage the N.H.S. has done to society by pampering dogs for financial gain, to the point that they are all there is left. Dogs and old people, unable to move, because there are no relations able or willing (Charitable Enough) to carry them any more.

Romans 5:3-4

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Beetroot / Button Batteries


Why is blood red? Red is a dominant colour. Could it be that we need to eat raspberries / strawberry jam / tomatoes /  ketchup / beetroot / Etc. Etc.?

I do. I eat everything. What do Royals eat?

It could answer the problems of white / red blood cells! Balance. People put themselves on the daftest of diets. Not to mention Doctors daft ideas.

We know that red meat / white meat. Red wine /white wine, can affect health from generation to generation as well as immediate health. “Drink a little wine for your stomachs sake.” Bible. I don’t. Should I?

It was thinking about the water of life that got me thinking about it. “Water of life, (Blood Is Life – Bible) clear as Chrystal”. Not that we should have clear blood. Maybe the opposite? It just got me thinking.

And why do women rarely suffer from leprosy* baldness? What is in their blood? (Some women do now. Why? What are they doing differently. Lesbians?)

Button Batteries: In the news concerning the danger to kids when they swallow them. However, are leaking information implants killing animals then? I’m convinced that the N.H.S. put one (At Least) in my leg/s. If they did I want arrests made with very long jail sentences. Entire life sentences. Make sure it never happens to others ever again. You should campaign for this.

Note *: The Bible says baldness is caused by a type of Leprosy.

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YouTube Videos Now Have LANDR Mastered Tracks

YouTube Videos Now Have LANDR Mastered Tracks


Wix Galore: ‘The Reason Why’ Track has no video as yet, and I’ll write another one at least. Or do a cover? Requests? You can find the initial Sound Cloud Playlist here. Ten Tracks

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Thank God Hilary Clinton Is Not God

Thank God Hilary Clinton Is Not God:

Hilary Clinton is not at war with Islam, but God is. Who’s side are you on?

I was on the bus to Inverness today, and came to an astonishing conclusion. There it was, in a farmers corn yard, the answer to housing refugees  in one easy lesson. Giant, tall circular grain Silo’s.

In Britain, and probably everywhere, there are many lovely Tower Houses. Just like a tall grain silo (Made of Stone, but wood and metal on a base is fine if you can insulate against electrocution. We have one in Lhanbryde. (Coxton Tower c1640) It has a central pulley service hatch through all the floors, (An easy lift by a simpler means) and stairs. Ideal for flood areas. Just live in the upper portions. Almost wind proof apart from tornados. Close clusters like the ancient hive style homes Abraham used in Turkey. Still there to view. (On the web)

Prefabricate each floor? Complete with fittings and even basic furniture. (Did I not broach this subject before, in my Local history studies, and conclude it is my house stood on it’s end? I Think I did, but not this method of simple Pipe sectioned construction, complete with an outside fire escape)

Mixed wood and metal  construction. I like this idea. With more windows though. People who live in the old tower houses like them.

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I’ve Been Working All Night

I’ve Been Working All Night:

Preparing videos for YouTube. Not up on YouTube yet.

Bristol Steve Johnson is Lucifer, but was he at the Olympics? Fit as a fiddle they say. I hate sport. (Except Tennis) Inverness for me today. Or bed? If I collapse I’m sleeping. Good night or morning or something.

Someone put my songs on CD and sell a few million for me and Elgin Cathedral. Save me all this work. Not my job. Making the music is. Not producing it.

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