‘Without A God’ YouTube

‘Without A God’ YouTube:

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Before Grampian TV Became STV

Before Grampian TV Became STV:

I met STV’s reporter Rachel Stewart and a cameraman on the High Street, in Elgin on Friday afternoon.

Reminds me about an occasion when Grampian TV had an office by the river in Inverness years ago. (Huntly Street?) I was speaking on the phone with Bible John the day before, and mentioned I was going to Inverness next day, and might pop in past Grampian TV office.

I walked in, and who was sitting in a side office telling a cameraman about how bad a person I am? You got it Bible John. I never saw him, only heard him, and was told by a secretary it was him, and I’d better leave. I’m so used to him I just left. I never thought to ask the cameraman on Friday if it was him who got bad beans on me spilled by Bible John, Bible John style, and whether he believed him?  The police should ask though.

He really got his life into an unrecoverable mess. No heaven for him or his muslim friends.

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Dear President Trump. How To Use Executive Orders

Dear President Trump. How To Use Executive Orders:

Why not, in future, break executive orders down into smaller parts?

For instance extreme vetting. I’m sure you could make the same order in, let’s say five parts as five short separate orders, but all adding up to serve a complete purpose for you. It would not make any difference in practice for the administrators. If they had to apply one part to a person, or persons, they would. However they could apply several orders, or all,  to one person. Easy to do, but impossible to take to court. I’d like to see them unravel that.

Also: Dealing with the items separately is a fairer way all round. You could also add to them, or even subtract one. I’d consider making all your executive orders this way. It will cause less friction, and get the job done just the same.

I’m sure someone can pass you this message.

Yours Truly, Gordon Davidson (Gdicm)

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Gdicm Song ‘Marriage In Heaven’

‘Marriage In Heaven’:

Marriage In Heaven


There’s no marriage in heaven.

There’s no help meet required.

All alone in a crowd,

Of people admired.

Together for ever,

And managing free.

Bound to success,

For eternity.


And now, just between ourselves,

That’s the richest

Any one can be.


There’s no marriage for monks.

What is it they see?

All in a trance,

With people like me.

Together for ever,

And seeking the end.

Hope in the Lord

For eternity.


There’s no marriage for Nuns.

Til Christ comes again.

Alone with their thoughts,

Of what it might gain.

Together for ever,

And continuing free.

Along with our saviour,


Copyright © 2017 Gdicm

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‘Without A God’

‘Without A God’ There is nothing more bigoted than different cultures praying for their own needs. It’s destroying western cultures. The temptation is to ‘make things happen anyway’. Little wonder the weather is confused.

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Muslims Using Their Laws For Them Again (U.S.A.)

Muslims Using Their Laws For Them Again (U.S.A.):

There is only one way this can end, and I’d like to see Muhammad save them when it begins. He is dead you see, and God hated him anyway. (Is it any wonder)

Kuwait and associates. Iraq. Mecca. All to vanish. Who gave them the idea that they have equal rights anywhere? Only themselves. The current ban in the US applies to them for good reasons. Therefore they have no say in it. No comment.

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Too Liberal

Too Liberal:

Republicans in America say they did not announce the bans on immigrants because bad people would have rushed in. What they can’t say, but we can, is that they had to implement the policy with no prior notice because they had to bypass the Liberals as well.

Try any such policy in the western world and Liberals will drag it into court, and water it down till it no longer exists, and benefits only them. They’ve been getting away with that for too long. It’s what Britain’s media do all the time for their personal gain.

Too Liberal. Liberals are nothing but evil, (The Bible and I say so) but they say they are good. They’re not. They cause all types of trouble and wars and protect criminals, which is what they are themselves. They want the South American drug dealing to continue as well, because that’s how they laugh at decent people.

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Extreme Vetting Of muslim Immigrants

Extreme Vetting Of muslim Immigrants:

What is the likelihood that every nation on the planet will adopt America’s policy of extreme vetting of immigrants after it is perfected to run smoothly given a fair chance?

Including Angela Merkel’s Germany. Be patient Angela. Help refine it even. It can help you. It’s not really hurting legal travellers.

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All muslims Have To Do Is Accept Christ

All muslims Have To Do Is Accept Christ: (Whole Heartedly, Of Course)

God is in charge of America now. It is at this point that I must point out that God was behind the Nazi’s. It is clearly written in the Bible. (Jews know this. It’s their Bible too) He dispersed them, and before he gathered them again, he punished them more. And the gentiles. Germans, British, and all the nations involved in WW ll for our own good. Or at least the good of the worthy.

Daniel 4:-

24  “This is the interpretation, Your Majesty, and this is the decree the Most High has issued against my lord the king:

25  You will be driven away from people and will live with the wild animals; you will eat grass like the ox and be drenched with the dew of heaven. Seven times will pass by for you until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes.

26  The command to leave the stump of the tree with its roots means that your kingdom will be restored to you when you acknowledge that Heaven rules.

27 Therefore, Your Majesty, be pleased to accept my advice: Renounce your sins by doing what is right, and your wickedness by being kind to the oppressed. It may be that then your prosperity will continue.”

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The BBC Must Go

The BBC Must Go: (They suffer from a form of generation mental illness. Not right in the head as a group)

I listened to what President Trump and Teresa May said yesterday the same as they did. What they reported was said, was the exact opposite of what was actually said, throughout. NATO for example. The president wants to force other nations to pay a fairer (More) proportion of the costs. That is what he has said throughout.

This type of manipulation WILL get the British destroyed. You cannot allow this to happen. It MUST stop. This is the same thing young men and women get in our courts of law when they appear for judgement. Total untruths that are collectively delivered by the police and justice departments, solicitors / lawyers Etc., for their own gain.

God has had enough of their money making lies, which is all it is. It is in the Bible you know.

Note: I remember when New Orleans was flooded. Not one single word of support was muttered by the BBC or our charities. George W. Bush was not amused by their attitude at the time. Our charities only support people Saint Peter is not allowed to feed. Heathen people like them, and places where they originate from themselves. That is where the money is sent.

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