Autism And Other Birth Defects

Autism And Other Birth Defects:

Let us suppose that men’s sperm is weakened by being left to become as blood. Again let us suppose that any child fathered  by such sperm is going to have a defect at birth. Would have to have actually. The accumulation of poison blood would have to damage the sperm.

The cure for them could lie in the truth in the former post about such semen which you can read here.

The cure for birth defects then, could be a combination of several drugs already known to work for certain conditions that have never actually been tried collectively as one on the real victims. (Assuming that is a cause of several birth defects) The defected children who might be bearing all, or combinations of, the multiple resulting conditions. Or a combination drug could be developed to cleanse the system if it is simply a passed contamination in the blood.

Do we really understand all the sexual laws of God written in the holy Bible, and the reasons they are written? Not even close.

Note: Mothers could be contributing, and because it accumulates slowly different defect results could be inevitable.

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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport:

Really none of my business, but having been given a TV glimpse of the existing two runways and the central terminals, I’d have to say that it should be possible to build another runway in the middle. Build new terminals to one side, demolish the existing ones, and create another runway where they are now. If one existing runway were moved a little sideways (Just a few metres actually) it should be possible to fit in a fourth runway in middle.

Anyone ever heard of a jet plane underpass? To get planes across the complex from runway to terminals and back. A little too noisy, but conquer the noise (Reverberation) problem off the concrete and it could be done at the ends of the runways. Both ends. Clever noise reduction structuring, and Boris is your uncle, and auntie Theresa May and him are on a winner?

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Diabetes According To An Elgin Nun

Diabetes According To An Elgin Nun:

Around twenty five years ago I spoke with an Elgin Nun about Priests and celibacy, and how they coped. This is some of what she said at great length.

“The Catholic Church has an understanding of the needs of Priests, and Nuns, and they are catered for by issuing them with prescription pills. (‘Of course they don’t always take them.’ she said with a grin. However that aside she went on to tell me)

“The male body, for example, collects semen which left untended can kill, as it turns to almost pure blood after a time. Reddish Brown. (Note: Eighteen months to two years, and perfectly normal) When it reaches dangerous levels it can re-enter the blood stream, cause headaches, create a terrible thirst, and kill. This is what we (Catholics) think  is the cause of diabetes.”

That was twenty five years ago, and that Nun is no longer in Elgin. The older Nuns moved out to allow for younger blood some time ago.

However: In our society it is a fact that due to prostitutes, their customers, gays and lesbians, dogs, Etc. more and more men and women of higher values are being forced to live a life of Monk / Nun (or Priest) like solitude, even within some dog marriages, and diabetes or not, it is killing them.

Of course one can get the pills from any doctor under prescription, but people forget, or are not aware, and let the time slip away until it is too late. I wonder how many people could fully recover, and be fit to work again, if the pills were sold in supermarkets? Instead of being some of the millions who die on earth every year for the lack of them, and comfort eating obesity is a side effect. It really is down to the damage gays, lesbians, prostitutes, and marriage to dogs, is doing to decent living people, but , , , ,

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Sport On Planet Mars


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The Debate – Round 3.

The Debate – Round 3:

I did watch it all live, but I have nothing to say. I’m not an American. There was nothing new, and Donald Trump is compromising his views for votes, which is why democracy will never work for God or me. E.g. a poof is a poof and not acceptable, but such illegal minority groups are being pampered by politicians to get their votes.

I’ll give you another example. I put a list of local paedophiles who abuse children on a daily basis on the internet. Are politicians or your media, including the BBC,  interested in justice for their victims? Not a chance in hell, because they are all prominent society leaders. Poofs and perverts.

Naga Munchety, Charlie Stayt, Kasia Madera, Babita Sharman, Marika Oi, Adnan Nawaz, Rico Hizon, Stephen Sacker. If they are not Christians, they are not British, and therefore not welcome here. I don’t care how long their families have lived here. They are disruptive. Deport them. The damage those people are doing is beyond repair? And now they want to choose the next American president. My guess is the BBC, and British news papers, will be banned soon, and rightly so, from America and Europe.

We need Prince Michael to stand up for the children. Children are the same the world over, if fed clothed, sheltered, protected and educated in Christianity to become as Jews. Daniel 12:- It’s certainly true the children need you right now Michael. It is multi culture societies that does the damage, and allows heathens an evil voice they should never have had. Guilty people should not be allowed to express an opinion. Guilty people like the list above for example.

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Anyone Remember What A Country Song Should Sound Like?

Anyone Remember What A Country Song Should Sound Like?:

I must confess I have not heard one, except Jim Reeves, and he was not always country, so I’ve not heard any real country for years. I used to listen to music, but by the time you put a song together you’ve probably listened to it in bits around fifty times. If you hear your favourite recording performer/s say they rarely listen to the music of others. Believe them. It would do your nut in too much music.

I was watching ‘Country File’ on the BBC today, as I’ve done several times. Being a country man myself. I think I’ll write a proper country song, but for our countryside. There are some already, but another will not go amiss. Any ideas?

I could couple it with ‘Gardeners World’ like ‘Farmers And Growers?’

I was speaking to Jehovah’s witnesses in Inverness a few weeks ago and they were asking what I do on the internet? Despite the number of times I’ve told them already. So last time I told them I make porn, and I’m making a fortune. More chance of them making porn, or looking at it, than me. There again I’m a proper Christian.

And so my next video will contain fruit  trees being stripped, sheep and cattle breeding, cockerels crowing, hens laying eggs, riding horses, sheep being sheared of their woollen coats, Jehovah’s Witnesses being chased off by the farmer and his wife, Etc. Etc.

They really do give religion a bad name, but try giving me a bad name, and they’ll be dealt with by God.

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I Have Added More Accompaniment To ‘Glory On’

I Have Added More Accompaniment To ‘Glory On’: (Track 10)

Be warned it’s a bit heavy metal loud. You could get used to it, but begin with low volume just in case. Even I like it.

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How Lucifer Laughs At Politicians

How Lucifer Laughs At Politicians:

No matter the intent of a politician to begin with they all soon discover that all Lucifer has to do is have one of his many minority groups complain, and their do good votes will dry up. They simply do his bidding thereafter, and no more. Gays and Lesbians for example. Or muslims or Sikhs, until they run our nations, which they now do. They must teach this political correctness madness in University politics departments. They’d have to, and I’ve not been in one. Could you tell students not to say what God says is right, but instead to dance with the devil?

A single Church democracy would provide an amnesty for a given time, until the Bible itself provides all the rules by compulsory membership. Utopia is how it will be anyway, because that is precisely what the Bible says will happen, and continue for a thousand years of bliss.

Just as I have spelt it out many  times. Those media fools who shoot down proposed religious change do it for themselves. They forget that bad people have to get the chance to be good, and repent. No man is good, not you, not any man, but we must begin somewhere, and all fall into the same line for the good of each other. God would name the Church, but he needs commitment.

Also: Bottomless Pit, Lucifer. You won’t laugh at that.

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Bible John And Bill Clinton

Bible John And Bill Clinton:

For years now Bible John has been protected from being hung by people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Major, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Alex Salmon, Nicola Sturgeon, the FBI, CIA, Mi5, Mi6, and the police.

Is it little wonder the police in America are at war with poor black Christians, who are jailed for existing and being Christians, and their lives are stolen from them, while Bill Clinton is protected by the very agency’s that should be protecting them.

They illegally protect the muslims and the muslim  Bible John’s of this world for gain, while at the same time they openly persecute people like myself. Now Bible John will be hung, fact, and perhaps rightly Bill Clinton may well spend the remainder of his life in prison for several rapes.

I am sick of this hypocritical and evil world. They steal for gain.

One religion, and one single Church, or die at God’s will.

The presidential debate, round 2. (Just Finished) Back to worthless clichés that promise nothing by way of change. Talk the media like so much, because they can manipulate the words to their own financial benefit, and virtually select the winning candidate. As usual. Oh if only there was no need to win votes. How much better life would be then under Christ’s Biblical rule with absolute honesty.

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Gdicm’s Stacked Tower Housing

Gdicm’s Stacked Tower Housing: (Nested)

I don’t know how you’d raise each floor on site, but with shutters for the windows and steel beams (Pinned and Bolted) from top to bottom, and anchored to the base, I would live in this. How much wiring, plumbing and fittings could be included? With a nice surround veranda added extra for me.

stacking-tower-housingI was just thinking it may be better with the wider sections on top for easier erection and the roof would be already on. Little or no sealing to do that way either. Only a foot extra around on each floor anyway. It would mean the floors for above would have to be on top of the lower level. No problem that.

Haiti 2016 (BBCi Screenshot)

Haiti Oct. 2016.jpg

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