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The Scottish Whisky Industry And Me

I have spent the last few months getting to know Morayshire properly. I have been on every road, A, B, and including single tracks with passing places. If you could call some of them roads. I have visited every corner … Continue reading

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St. Giles Church, Elgin To Become muslim mosque

Rumour, begun in Starbucks: (which I’ve actually heard before many times) White niggers  want to turn the St. Giles Church, also High Street, Elgin, into  a mosque. They’d ‘settle for a supermarket’ one said to me. At this moment in … Continue reading

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You Talk About Schools As If You Own Them

Because schooling is compulsory you speak about your children’s schools as if you are all equals. That is the way the Church should be as well, but even more so, because you would own them.

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Traction Engine Rally Yesterday

Nice day out in Roseisle, Moray yesterday. Old cars tractors, buses, steam engines, and a lot more. So many exhibiters I wondered who actually had to pay to get in. Just me? Well worth the money I thought. The girls … Continue reading

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The Tree Of Life Exists

Concerning the tree of life and the garden of Eden. “At the battle of Gallipoli the arabs fought suicidally like men possessed”. They were. Telepathically devil driven. Satan would never allow that region to be taken by Christians if he … Continue reading

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The Beatles Were / Are White Niggers

The Beatles Interest in Eastern Religions was no fad. It Was Their religion. The Beatles Were / Are White Niggers Black skinned. Their life long fascination’s with eastern religions was not passing interests. It was, or is, their religion.

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The Tee Shack at Covesea, near Lossiemouth. I was there yesterday. The access road is a lottery. I would suggest two simple nine volt battery traffic lights with L.E.D. displays, hung on posts. With timers. Removable. Not inter connected. Simply … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have Sore Eyes

I don’t have sore eyes, but I know a man who does. Doctors must wonder where all the sore eyes come from. It’s men using powerful stone cutting saws  for cutting stone or kerbs, without taking proper precautions to protect … Continue reading

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Official Secrets Act

When a child reports abuse, and is taken into care, they are only kept until they are sixteen years old, and then they are thrown out on the streets. The more roughly the better. This is regarded, officially, as a … Continue reading

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American Christians Will Destroy Britain

I have this on good authority. There are no Christians left here. What Alex Salmond is trying to do will swing the balance of any doubt they feel now, if he succeeds. Pig ignorance. I notice they have changed the … Continue reading

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