Traction Engine Rally Yesterday

Nice day out in Roseisle, Moray yesterday. Old cars tractors, buses, steam engines, and a lot more. So many exhibiters I wondered who actually had to pay to get in. Just me? Well worth the money I thought. The girls who showed us where to park really did a marvellous, and efficient job. Made it so easy. Well done girls.

I looked at the old cars and land rovers Etc., and realised I have worked on almost every type they had on show. Not to mention a few of the tractors. Maybe I should buy oxy acetylene welding gear, hire bottles and go out and weld restoration projects, for a price? Another skill gone to the wind. Needs two to prevent fire. The only ones I could not think of having worked on were the Jaguar XS, and the very old Ford’s and Austin. I’ve never worked on steam power either.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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