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Memo To David Cameron And Dictionary Compilers

Isaiah 32:5 King James Version (KJV)  5. The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. 6. For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, … Continue reading

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Speaking About Cleaning Windows

The question is: Do people involved in organized crime have jobs? The answer is: Yes, the main players do if they are going to be successful criminals, because it helps to launder the crime money. Example: I don’t care what … Continue reading

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Clean Inside Your Car Windows

Susan in Starbucks, and I, can thoroughly recommend it. (Actually it comes recommended by the Automobile Association (A.A.) as well Susan. So we’re in the clear. Crystal clear actually). You must choose a dry day. Small sponge with a drop of … Continue reading

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My Pet Hates

The people listed in the bible as undesirables. I notice the dictionary defines ‘fascist’ as a person who will not accept liberals. Despite the fact the bible says ‘the evil person will no longer be called liberal’, and not ‘a … Continue reading

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Is Jerry O’Brien Lucifer Then?

No. He is just another cheat who helps him tell his lies. People who use false teeth sound systems to further his cause are inclined to lie through their teeth anyway. Jerry, or Gerry, was never in my league. Even … Continue reading

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And To Him Was Given A Mouth Speaking Great Things

There is a professional system, made by Apple, which uses false teeth to project pre recorded and pre processed sound as if it comes from the mouth. It is for giving speeches, that will never be slurred, reciting poetry flawlessly, … Continue reading

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‘Best Of The Best’ 2, 3, And 4.

Phillip Rhee: Excellent ‘moral value’ quality martial arts films, and fine acting. (Adult) One of them concerns persecution of good Baptist Christian blacks in America. I have to say again though that it is white nigger muslims who deliberately stir up … Continue reading

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So Is This Gerry O’Brien The Devil Himself?

Who is he? Does he not just work for Apple, or E.M.I perhaps? What does he do? I don’t know him, but it is true a lot of effort has gone into preventing my music going public. Is he the … Continue reading

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Phishing Spam

I received a letter from a job centre plus, Wellington Circle, Aberdeen, and a number to call, but there is no answer. There appears to be no job centre plus there either. AVC Media enterprises, and Plus one Express imaging … Continue reading

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Ed Says:

Ed: “I’m hoving to ave your speling and grammmar corected two offen Gordon.” I’m tired Ed. Like Job said to his mates. “I’m making friends with the worms and the daisies in the grave yard, because I will join them soon, … Continue reading

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