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Murder Murder Everywhere But You’re Too Blind To See

Black Christians support Israel Black Christians are not the issues I deal with here. Black or white Christians are equal in my eyes, and in the eyes of God. When I told you that I witnessed Dr. MacPherson and Co. … Continue reading

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Book Of Mormon

See page ‘Mormons Defined.’ For more. E.g. Nephi 3 2:15-16 “Converted Lamanites became white by a miracle, and are called Nephites.” (No they are called white niggers actually) This is really what this book of pure fiction, based on the … Continue reading

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According to the Northern Scott, I’m told, all kinds of advertising are good if you spell Robertson properly. Now concerning their Beauty contest. Who do you think will finish in the top three? The one with the most putty and … Continue reading

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Is Starbucks a mormon (muslim) owned company? It is Seatle based. It is certainly staffed almost entirely by white niggers. They don’t even like Christians, and I’d not recommend Christians to drink in one. I heard them say that they’d … Continue reading

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Great Job Idea, But needs Organizing

Buy trade plates from the D.V.L.A. (You Must Prove The Need) and deliver vehicles throughout the U.K. or even Europe. The organizing is needed between drop offs and pick ups. At present they simply hitch a lift. I was made aware … Continue reading

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Mormon From ‘The Book Of Mormon’

This will close every local heritage centre on earth. From the book of mormon: The book of Mosiah. 1:4 Quote: “Lehi (Mosiah’s dad) could read the plates, and teach his kids, because he had been taught in the language of … Continue reading

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Evil Women

My mother was the most evil woman on earth, but she’s in hell now. So who is the most evil woman at present? I nominate Jeannie Henderson, Elgin library, for if there is anyone more corrupt than her, I don’t … Continue reading

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Council Plumbers

All plumbers even. Why oh why do they have to do every simple job several times? More hurry less speed. And while I’m on the subject, I’ll include Electricians. Why does the new light switch in my bathroom rarely work? … Continue reading

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Gordon (P.I.) Becomes A Private Investigator

“The lost and found are searching here, for some new face from everywhere, has come to capture the music city, , , , ,” Country Music Song. But only if I get to eat cake instead of pistachios. Lost cats … Continue reading

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Big Bird Is Now In U.P.S. Vans

For years Big Bird was operated from the RAF helicopters, but now I can’t go anywhere without a brown U.P.S. van being there. Today I was in Aurora restaurant, Strathlene, Buckie, came out and one was sitting beside my car … Continue reading

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