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White Niggers And Downes Syndrome As One

From a lifetime of listening, general observations, talking to people, and knowing the NHS won’t bother. Artificially created (blacks are most common) females only in this post: How it works. Periods: Every nine months. Same as a dog. Period of … Continue reading

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I Am Using Library Computers

Therefore I cannot use software to improve site traffic. The Council, rightly, forbid installation. (I’d be making music if they would allow this) I would return to a written site if I had my own PC, but BIG BIRD attacks … Continue reading

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Listen Closely Baby. It’s Like This. Thumbs Up

Is it food that makes you grow? Does food give you energy? I know a policeman who is nearly, if not over, seven feet. I know a young lad who is six feet seven, and still growing. I know a … Continue reading

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The Coming Council Elections

I say again I had no intention of standing, But I want to hear from anyone who missed the boat due to the following shift in nomination paper deliveries. (Or confer with each other?) This is a reply from the … Continue reading

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The Greek Economy Revisited

Prince Philip may have to pull in his markers, because when he dies his investments will be open to public scrutiny. Foreign investments will really make the s**t hit the fan. Especially Greek investments. He is Greek, and one of … Continue reading

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Washing Machines V Hand Washing

There is no comparison. Hand washing wins hands down. I will never own a machine again in this lifetime. Hand washing is quicker, (6 minutes without soaking time, approx) easier, cleaner (By Far) and less noise. (I hated that din, … Continue reading

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Lawyers Love Drug Dealers

Every petty crime case that goes to court is money in their pockets. They will never support arresting the dealers. The same goes for the police. They have tried every trick in the book to make ‘me’ out as a criminal, but … Continue reading

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If The Mark Of The Beast Is – A. S. O. – It’s –

Aristotle Socrates Onassis. Ships of Chittam, (Greece) Shipping Magnate. Born: In Izmir Turkey (Sardis as was) 1906; Died: 1975, but he appears to get a mention in Revelation 3:1-  Rev. 3:1 And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; … Continue reading

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Killing White Niggers Is Self Defense?

Film Review: ‘Behind Enemy Lines’: 2001 (15) (£1 from Poundland) Gene Hackman, Owen Wilson, Gabriel Macht, Charles Malik Whitfield. The story of how Britain and America wrongly interfered when the Serbs defended themselves against the muslims and white niggers who … Continue reading

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Dial-A-Drug Then Pay At Shop Checkout

The dial a drug industry is now handing over the drugs in shops. (I’ve witnessed this done) Pay at checkout. Claiming it’s money owed if there’s a queue. Very difficult to police. Just another trip to the shops. Does your shop … Continue reading

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