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Those Euro Deal Loans

They have no hope of paying them back.  In my entire life I have still not grossed over £100,000. If I have, to date, it’s pennies over. This is not profit I speak of, but total turn over. (Why is … Continue reading

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Don’t Bank On It

Civil servants. The bank of England, and British government are having to slap pretend emergency fines on banks to pay out your wages. They are broke, that should be obvious. This will be to get around telling shareholders in the banks the … Continue reading

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Money Money Money, Never Funny

In the poor man’s world, money is never funny. Loan sharks will be out in force when banks fail. Maybe then we can get them hung. I estimate over a £ hundred million held by them in Morayshire alone. Probably … Continue reading

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Whirly Gigging

Windmills for power. I got to thinking about the previous post, and came to the conclusion that every windmill should have a compressor and a large air storage tank, or string of several tanks, if only to start the thing after … Continue reading

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Little Noises (12)

Tatum O’Neil: Poundland. Based on the true story of some wannabe writer called Biff?, (Eh?) and blatant plagiarism. Probably learned how to do it from the BBC?

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Brown Muir Wind Farm, Elgin, Morayshire

It’s coming. They want to stop it. Can they? Nineteen whirlygigs 120 metres high near Elgin. Do we care? I always think that it would be easy to remove them if they become obsolete, but water power is the answer. … Continue reading

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New Fences In Lhanbryde

Council bosses are offering council contracts to business men who will put up new fences around their own properties. The council never got a vote on that I’m sure. Almost certain those council bosses wives work in Elgin Library.

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Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Fridays?

It’s because Saint Peter founded the Church in Rome. The same reason the Popes signature ring is called ‘The Fisherman’s Ring’. It’s amazing how many Catholics, today, think it’s because my friend Yeshua ate fish. That is why EVERY CHRISTIAN cherishes fish, … Continue reading

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Never Use Free Software

Free Midi editing software written by a Japanese university study group. Has buttons, but they have no effect. Minimum cost of making original music == £5,000 before you begin. To ghost other peoples music using their original studio tracks, available … Continue reading

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Spey Valley Vintage Engine And Tractor Club

Lhanbryde community field and Hall Sunday 10th June. They have moved their venue to be nearer the main road. I am proud to announce that I am the only person on this planet who does not have a vintage vehicle. (We … Continue reading

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