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Scottish Free Masons Control Population Numbers

Big mistake. The Beast will say “There are too many people.” Bigger mistake. Probably Chinese? Scot’s used to run Hong Kong, which is where they developed a fear of large population numbers. I have lost my @hotmail account, and I … Continue reading

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Pedophile Ron McGregor, 19, Forteeth Street

Threatened my life. Saying he “is a very powerful man.” My God will you let you see what power is you worthless little ‘reviler’.

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Radio 1. Divides

The Circle Of Friends. Music and D.J.’s are dividing society. No one under the age of fifty should be allowed to write a song. St. Peter said “we were all sinners when we were young.” Take any group of young … Continue reading

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The Spelling On This Site

As  a fairly regular computer user, I simply trust the Gravitar Spell checker to work. I hit spell check, and if there are no errors showing I publish. I never read my own work over. If the spelling is wrong, contact … Continue reading

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I’m Staking My Claim To Warm Cafe’s For Winter

But some waitresses are supporting the whore, by deliberately serving slow, and being real apprentice Prostitutes in the doing of it. (Scribbles, for example) Some Elgin library staff are beginning to take the whore’s side as well.   Don’t, because … Continue reading

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St. Peter Was Resurrected Immediately, But

If they tie you up with wires, in your wooden box when you’ve died, and pump you full of satan’s fluids, and a whole heap of other restraints, you cannot be resurrected. You are effectively fucked, and well satan knows … Continue reading

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The Dog Is Pregnant Again?

But doesn’t know? Deformed and flushed with success. Downes syndrome should be in an institution to protect men. A boyfriend falls foul too often, and learns it can’t be done. Having eventually been convinced now that she can’t have a … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Is Obviously A Poof. As Time Will Prove

 Microsoft have locked me out of my free hotmail account. (The day after I posted about them owning Facebook – ‘Facebook Is Microsoft’ – below) They have made it plain they are supporting poofs, and all in the list of 1st … Continue reading

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Scout Masters

Show me an adult scout master, and I will show you a good for nothing pedophile poof. Every time. Complete with camera. Every time.

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Alistair Wilson Murdered Nairn Banker

For D.H.L van substitute A.J.G. Parcels where G. = Gray from Keith. add Jerald (Or Gerald) Findlay, Wayne Naan, Lenny Hendry, solo musician. Ex Gambler. Plus? Gray = 5′ 5″ (ish) The paint matched the van Wayne was driving. All … Continue reading

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