Antibiotics Will Cure Children Born With Defects?

Speech, memory, eyesight, skin, hearing, asthma, dysfunctional, etc, are the result of Homosexual Adulterous Fornication sins. Always. That is why we must not sin. (Sins sometimes several times removed, but the same. “the sins of the world.” Christ included these in) It is amazing how many birth defects go undetected and untreated still.

Is your husband a sinning poof Mrs? Or using prostitutes? Very likely, (Almost certainly) and your children and grand children will have some defect/s and a shorter life expectancy.

Given antibiotics would some of them be cured? Probably, but in most cases the antibiotics would cure the body, then a delay ’til the body fixed the health problem itself. Doctors could never see that far ahead. (I know from experience that I will be cured, if antibiotics go on sale over the counter, (or die without) as they must soon. I got doxycycline just one week, and memory, hearing, skin, all improved. Not long enough)

I’d even risk antibiotics to make dwarfs grow. Worth a try.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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