Film Insulting Muhammad

One of thousands of films telling it the way he was probably. (I have not seen it) A thief and a liar. An Arab who was despised of God, and he knew it, as all Arabs are, and they know it.  

On the anniversary of 9/11 what could we expect if it was not an attempt to stir up anti Americanism yet again. What really gets to me is the BBC reports take the same hate filled view, and promote it as being anti Muhammad. Never even mentioning 9/11. The reason being they are all muslims or white nigger muslims. The BBC are not happy because Russia, China, America, refuse to change the leadership in Syria to one of their own choice.

Note: A restaurant in Elgin has a M.O.D. positioned waitress, (I remind you that BIG BIRD is M.O.D. EMI/Thales built weapon to protect homosexuals) who called me a paedophile to prevent any support for my work. What she is there for. Straight from their MOD given text she said it. (Sounded impromptu to them, but was not) Call me that again you anti Christian scum, you or anyone else, and I will let the M.O.D. see what a war really is. Go hang Elton John, and actual paedophiles.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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