I Need You To Do Something. Urgently

I need you to listen to the news every hour, on the hour, on Radio’s 4, Radio Scotland, and Radio 2. Using your mobile phones. But you must flick through the channels continuously until the end of the news on all the stations.

You will have found that the news readers are just that. Readers. Every story is word exact the same. Different waste of space reading it, but exact the same words written by teams of wasters. If this doesn’t prove that Tich McCooey on Moray Firth Radio, and Co. never did a days work, ever, then God help you all. It is proper gander (propaganda) gone daft. A woman, and women are easily led, and that’s why they must be removed from Church affairs in order to bring back hanging etc., , told me that when James Naughty speaks you feel you can trust him. He says what he is told to say.

Also: Why have we never seen the Queen of England topless? Because she is not that stupid. That’s why.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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