Scientists Rightly Convicted Over Earthquake

They misled the public: Let us look in some detail then at what kind of conviction is due to scientists over their ‘big bang theory’ and their argument that ‘there is no god.’ Not to mention the world leaders to be gathered in Armageddon, because they ignored the Bible and lived deliciously with Babylon.

Firstly: What right do scientists have to even question the Bible, which is a book of proper rules that are meant to be common to everyone? A book of rules that make sense to decent people, which is more than they ever have.

Secondly: How often have scientists been proved totally wrong? Always.

Thirdly: It is because they are NOT decent people that they come up with those hair brained ideas in the first place. An excuse to break the rules. Those scientists who spoke out of place concerning the earthquake made a lot of money by pretending to know the absolute truth. The people were convinced they knew.

Fourthly: There is a God, and he has a son called Yeshua, and he will stick a big bang up their foolish city, and call it a bum’er. So shut up Mr / Mrs /Miss scientist, and prepare for judgement. Repent.

Fifthly: They were as guilty as (their own) hell.


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