Emergency Change Of Subject Today

This was not today’s subject, but,

I came into Elgin on a bus this morning which was grossly overloaded. The early No. 34 from Kingston. By the time we reached the bus station many of us were checking the situation of the emergency exits and glass breaking hammers, although in the event of an emergency there was not a hope that anyone could have gotten out. Not a remote chance. I had visions of having to throw Leslie Allen out through the escape hatch in the roof. Not an easy thing to even think. Worse he might have had to help me.

My suggestion: Why don’t they take us to the bus station, and then go back for the Pinefield school children? A ten minutes earlier time from Kingston would allow plenty of time, but even as is they could still get them to school well before nine o’clock. One thing I can tell you is, if there is even a slight emergency the way things are, someone/s will die in the panic.

Perhaps the kids themselves can, with a teachers help, brainstorm a better suggestion? After all it’s what they will do in the workplace soon. This won’t do the way it is. Also: Others would use this Kingston – Lhanbryde – Elgin service more.


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