Gordon’s Busy Counting

12 years 24/7, at (at least) £20 per hour equals,,,,, less Christmas days ,,,, less tax at ,,, plus expenses ,,,,

Ed: Excuse me Gordon, what you doing?

Gordon: Counting up how much the BBC owes me ed.

Ed: You don’t work for the BBC Gordon.

Gordon: Yes, but I’ve done more work for the BBC than their last director general ever did, or could have, and he was paid £450 grand anyway. He was only there long enough to choose the wallpaper for his office, and it can’t even be on yet.

Ed: We take your point Gordon. What you are saying then, is you have done more work for the BBC over the last 12 years than him or Allan Greene?

Gordon: Yeh, and it’s all free.

Ed: Get back to work Gordon.

Gordon: I’m going to heaven. I’ll be appreciated there.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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