Tony Blair Says, And He Has A Point

Tony Blair says Britain needs to be bolder with it’s finances and investments in the current economy. (Or words to that effect)

He has a point. There is a war going on here in Moray between Elgin BIDS and the Superstores, and it could become violent. It is a war that is putting off further investments. Especially from the council and the government. They are afraid to upset either side? There really is no place for small private shops now, (They just want to make money for themselves, as opposed to employing and sharing*) and if there is they should be run by the bigger shops who can draft in employees to cover two shifts (For early morning starts) and holidays.

The bigger shops are the new equivalent of the wonderful old ‘estates’ and become like a big happy family. Much reviled by small businesses, always were, but if well run they provided secure employment for a great many people. Their big houses and home farms alone employed dozens. Not to mention forestry, and a host of other sidelines essential to their survival. (See Tony Blair)

It’s a case of decide which to support and move on? Even bigger stores would require even more people with more money. Competition small businesses never wanted. (They even kept the population down in Scotland for their own aims. The A9 being a perfect example. Populate it’s length and it would never be closed, but they won’t stand for that. They would lose out)

I think the biggest problem is that people have never fully understood the social structure in Scotland well enough. They think Clans, when they should be thinking European immigrants who grouped for survival. Same as today. I.e. MacGregors were sons of the european, Gregor, not originally a son of Scotland, and of course they got estates from their very wise kings who knew how to run a society Bible style. Understand and invest in.

*I’ll come back to this. (Such as closing mid afternoon and still saying they serve the public)

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