Sparks Will Fly, I’m Telling you

My World Is Full Of Static Electricity. Too much.

It’s a real problem, especially in my home. Tesco trolleys give me a jolt every now and then as well. The new ones are not so bad? I can’t put my head on my pillow without a spark from the corner of my eye to the pillow. (Plastic Case) Why the eye? Why the corner? Why not the ear or the hair, or other? Smack it goes, and ouch I go. I could power Morayshire with static if it were any use. I don’t wear pullovers now, (Zipped ones only) because when I came to remove them the sparks were like a fireworks display. The body’s electric is a subject which has always fascinated me. I wonder why? Is it cheap nylon soled trainer shoes? What?

Anyone with any ideas on how to drain it from a bed? Hospital staff need not apply. Metal bed legs have to be continuously kicked to avoid shocks. (But mine is not metal. Maybe I should have a metal one?)

About gdicm

At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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