Lebanon – Palestine – Israel Blessed Sales Of Peace

The logical follow up to the ‘Road Map Of Peace’.

Superstores: (Super Markets) What is a super market? It is just a market place all under one roof, and one management. No different now from when Christ walked the streets of Jerusalem. He turned over the stalls in the Church remember. That was a mini market on the day. If anything it is the small shops that are the imposters. They are also the antagonists on the planet as you will find when you try this. Money money money, and endless bigotry and shit stirring for money’s sake.

Israel and Palestine need to share the land, and there could be no better means than to build joint owned, joint run superstores for the sale of their produce. Profit making. State/s owned and built?  Equally shared professional management; quality selected goods; equally staffed; equally supplied with the extras brought in by equal management agreement; unbigoted equality for all shoppers; etc. etc. The stores require a great name? They also need to be positioned with great afore thought. All sites carefully selected by all concerned in an unbiased manner. Anything else requires local knowledge I do not have. Who needs Babylon’s ships of the sea for supplies anyway?

“Why labourest thou for that which is not bread alone?” Bible. Share the land, and it’s use. What could be fairer? Not just food though.

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