Why Do Criminals Celebrate Christmas?

Then they just go back to being fools. Is it just the food and drink? Is it the lack of a proper kirk? Is it the lack of the occasional public hanging? Is it just that they are wastes of space?

How can proper Christians have a merry Christmas if Revilers (Paedophiles) Poofs, Prostitutes and Drunks rule over us? Could money insulate us from organised criminals? Will loan sharks choke on their turkey? (Not a hope, but how can they sleep? How can our police sleep? Their money is dependant on continuous crime, and therefore just as ill gotten?)

How can drug victims so often end in jail while the real criminals are friends of police and media? I doubt if one addict would go to jail if the suppliers, pushers, dealers and fences of stolen goods were imprisoned for all of their lives. The police need evidence? No they just need to do it, then look for another job.

Merry Christmas,

but it could be merrier.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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