Thales EMI Gadgets That Kill

Thales EMI, with the help of local councils, are putting their gadgets in your homes. They are mostly smoke alarms or detectors of various types.

Their purpose is to send out a continuous signal ,with false information, that will literally bring idle teenagers, who are extremely sensitive to thought control signals, to attack you and your property. The most recent case were those riots in India. Big Bird is my name for the system. That was the evil work of the BBC and Thales EMI. I will guarantee it. The panic was induced. Same as the school shootings in America and elsewhere. These people are the scum of the planet.

A local example, which has been investigated by foreign powers, was the case of a bus driver called Helmut, who lived in Forres. He found a carbon monoxide detector on his bus, and took it home and installed it in his private house. Teenagers immediately congregated outside, and following the signal directions, made his life hell. It was in the wrong place, with the false information.

Thales EMI are all whiter niggers. (muslims) The next nuclear bomb is destined for Paris. (That is official now) But the rest are destined for the UK. This is based on well researched information over many years, and now completely known world wide. In other words, if you work for Thales, or let them rule you, you are dead, and rightly so.


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