Fat Men Can’t Sing!

I took out an old guitar last night and tried to play. Not a hope. I couldn’t even hold it properly. Too fat, and I couldn’t sing to save my life. Too full of wind. So.

Too fat, and older people, who find it difficult to control their small children when they run off, as small children are inclined to do, but young parents can cope with, with ease, should not have babies. I’d include myself in this now. I could not run after a small child now. They are just one step away from having to lock them in a cupboard in the home, to keep them from harming themselves. Then people say ‘they feed themselves though’. Yes, that is part of the problem. Social services, who have to deal with such cases all the time, repeatedly call for the power to take those children into care before it happens.

Fact. (I need to diet, but our health service are the root of the problem)

About gdicm

At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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