I’m Going To Learn To Eat Strong Meat

I’m going to learn to eat strong meat, but I thought I already knew how. As it turns out I don’t. Tesco can trace our purchases back decades using our club card details, and I wonder what they’d discover they have sold me over the last twenty five years if they looked back as far as they could?

Because I am on very low income, well below the bread line, I never buy fresh meat. Can’t be done. A smallish person on the same money might get some meat now and again, but not above 5′ 10″. We find now that the Irish and Europeans have been putting horse meat in our meat products instead of beef. Although this will not harm us in itself, it does upset the diet plans. Different if you know, you can purchase accordingly. Now Baxters are in Poland they use a lot of horse meat apparently. Baxters own Fray Bentos, and all their meat products now contain cheap horse meat.

Of my entire meat consumption for the past twenty five years I’d now believe that eighty to ninety percent has been horse meat, and beef is only a very small part of my entire diet anyway. As it turns out it’s next to none. Tesco value burgers have been my staple diet for as long as I can remember. Value sausages Etc. Eight Irish sausages for £0.49p. Just shows you. You can never be certain. For example: A baker’s pie has an average 12.5% meat content. No horse meat, but I even eat little enough Baker’s pies. At over £1 a shot that is way above my money allowance. How would our health have differed, and I can’t be the only one, if we’d known to vary a little more? The French don’t eat horse meat exclusively. I don’t suppose I’ve ever eaten proper beef in my entire life?


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