Science Is Fiction. Fiction Is Necessary

First. Should the Church of Scientology be called the Church of Fictology? Yes. If they ever change the name I might think to join it myself? (Don’t bother looking at their website, because nothing on it works. Videos Etc., unless you cross their palms with Gold I presume)

Science is fiction. “Of the making of many books there will be no end”. Bible book of Ecclesiastes. (The Preacher) The fiction of today very often becomes the technology of tomorrow.

Fiction, therefore, is an important part of life. It is inspiration. How many of you have watched a film? Read a book? Been inspired? Now apply the technology and put it to work for you.

Their Church therefore is not new. In fact it is the original Church as founded by my friend St. Peter, and the Jewish Church before him. They will do better to join my Church, because it is far more practical, would cost the individual very little, and it would put all religiously correct inspiration to work for the good of all. Money back with interest guaranteed through joint effort and encouragement. (It also Includes Charity where applicable)

“Why labourest thou for that which is not bread alone?” Bible. Technology is the accepted means to put bread on the table. It always has been. Fiction and technology is how we have always lived. Really, if you think about it, there is no other way. (FictOlogy)


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