“Shut Up And Eat Your Meat” Bible

“Shut up and eat your meat or you will cause an environmental disaster unprecedented since time began”. Bible quote concerning the evil that is Vegetarianism.

Well there you have got it. Hardly a tree left alive in the U.K. (Lack of smoke to kill insects) Barely any cattle or sheep to be seen anywhere. Thousands of horses instead. Not even for milk production left. It’s what you wanted. Now you have it. It will kill you. Even the cattle marts are all gone.

At least you can stay warm with the dead timber in the meantime. I have visions of Moray Council begging us to let them install wood burning stoves in our council houses soon. Smoke free zones will become smoke cleansed air. 

Only in the last year have they started testing D.N.A. on food. Don’t let them say this is new. It goes back centuries. They just accepted it. They have flooded Europe and America with horse meat untested for human consumption for a very long time. If they were telling the truth, arrests would be made and people would be punished, but that can’t happen, because they (Most) already knew. A couple of dozen horses, for pets, is not uncommon here. With a very high turn over.


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