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When I Had My Vectra

When I had a car I made a point of covering all of ‘My Place’, which is Morayshire. Every nook and crannie. To inspect roads and population areas. (Morayshire is an empty wilderness. Beautiful, but pointless) I went to the … Continue reading

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A Judge A Jury And The Sanctity Of Marriage

A judge sent a jury home from a trial last week, because they asked him questions. Questions I could have answered, and he should have been able to answer also. Having read the questions, they are quite simple. In simple … Continue reading

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‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ (12) 2013

From this IMDb site. “John McClane travels to Russia to help out his seemingly wayward son, Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist, causing the father and son to team up … Continue reading

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My Name As Pope Will Be?

My Name As Pope Will Be ‘Pope – Barnabas Moluag ‘.  The first one is because they are trying to skin me alive, but how many outside Lhanbryde would know why I want St. Moluag added?

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Romans 14:- St. Paul reiterates what the old testament says. Weak people will refrain from eating meat, but it is not an issue worth contending over. (Providing they don’t advertise it) The old testament says refrain from eating meat if … Continue reading

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Why Should I Not Be Pope?

Do you believe I have met St. Peter and Yeshua Christ, and they are my friends? Form moved to About page. Note: “A Priest should have only one wife, be clean living, sober, and not have unkempt hair.” Most preachers I … Continue reading

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A Morayshire Local Heritage Site (Link Only)

Moray Heritage Site. Interesting. Especially if you were in Aberlour Orphanage or worked in Moray. The site is hosted by The same as this one is. Note: My back is much better. Two aspirins and , , , ,

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I Went To Look At Bad Back Fixers Today

£300 for a new mattress. My money don’t go this far. Wonder if that inferior musician Elton John ever slept on a worn out bed? Dwight perhaps, but not John. Never mind, when I am Pope I’ll make them all … Continue reading

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Gordon For Pope!

Should I be the next Pope? I’m not a Catholic, but assuming we could have them for discrimination in the ‘European Court Of Human Rights’ I feel I am the best qualified. (By Far) Or better still they could join my … Continue reading

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Pain And More Pain

I pulled a muscle in my back last week, and boy it is sore. It is almost taking me out of the game at the moment. I died many years ago, as we Christians must, but something forgot to tell my … Continue reading

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