Why Do Teenagers Wear Shorts Short Skirts Etc?

A couple of people have brought up this point recently. I don’t know why.

I’ll tell you what their grandparents think. If you listen to old friends speaking you will often hear them refer to their school days, and the people they went to school with. Secondary school is ‘THE’ show piece for young ladies. It has been for a very long time, and it will not change in the foreseeable future. Where their status is refined. It is probably where their future husbands will get to know them. If not then they will still be spoken of. When a mother sees her daughter/s off to school in the mornings, she doesn’t think ‘You’re a disgrace’. She would never let them out the door if she thought that. She is thinking, ‘You are as good as any, and I’m proud of you’.

We shall soon see how many of the boys are gay, which is what this post is really about. Are you wasting your time girls?


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