The Good Shepherd

The good shepherd needs a good and secure environment for his sheep. Or he will lose them all.

The Churches in Britain have not been fit for purpose for over a century. They are the most corrupt immoral communities that there are in the U.K. No respectful person would ever enter into one as a place of worship. They are dens of iniquity full of bad wolves in sheep clothing.

Nothing here has changed with the introduction of gay marriages. The only difference is now they are legal according to the M.P’s in parliament, and we all know that they were never morally minded in the first place. I still remember Jeremy Thorpe. One of the weakest minded, and corrupt, people Britain ever produced. Now they make him into their hero, who was more sinned against than sinner? So what happens next?

A single compulsory government run institution is the only way to halt the decline. Too many people think they have right’s to an opinion concerning God’s law. They have no right to an opinion on the subject. The Bible itself is the law. God is the law. Not the Church or the government. That is what St. Paul said in Romans 1:- and 2:- (See previous post) He said in 1:- that they have no need to be lesbians or poofs, it is just something they have conjured up from their imagination, and pretend they need. It is therefore the law we must abide by, and there is no excuse for breaking it. What will they make legal next? Pedophilia? Eating horse meat?


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