God Sacked The Pope. “It wasn’t Tami” Steph Says

God played on his conscience. Pedophilia, meat, wars past and present. It all became too much for a mortal old man.

However: Never fear St. Peter is here. Russia, he says is behind the meat problem.

I want to take you back a little though to help identify the real problem, which St Peter has also told me about, and that is white niggers and the muslim faith, are behind every damned evil there is. Apart from abusing their women, muslims have no true religion that they care about, except to take over the material world.

Back a little then: Not so long ago muslims tried to introduce meat into the house of commons and parliament buildings, which is ritually slain according to the koran, for their own consumption. Why? What were they trying to avoid? Is it the meat, and goodness knows what else,  they have been supplying us with? Notice their restaurants are nearly exclusive to themselves now.

I remind you that we are to poison them as they poisoned us according to the Bible. Is this how they have poisoned us? Bearing in mind Romania and Russia have white niggers also. In every trade. Kill all the bullocks in Iraq, and deny them meat, seems to the defining clue in the good book.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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