Gordon For Pope!

Should I be the next Pope? I’m not a Catholic, but assuming we could have them for discrimination in the ‘European Court Of Human Rights’ I feel I am the best qualified. (By Far) Or better still they could join my new Church. I don’t know how Rome will fit in with that, but I remind you that Christ is a Jew, as is St. Peter, and Jerusalem (Or Israel) is the centre of Christianity. Note: That does not necessarily mean Rome does wrong. It just exceeds it’s importance somewhat causing the blind to lead the blind, at the exclusion of all others. Talking of which , , ,

The present Pope corrected a lot of wrongs, (No he didn’t) but he did it in secret? Oh didums. Bearing in mind that justice MUST be SEEN to be done, and many of those crimes affected the rest of us in a big big big way, he did absolutely NOTHING by way of justice. Making him a useless good for nothing Pope.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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