Who Is A Cardinal Responsible To?

Not to God, for these are the affairs of men. And only a few men. So who?

“Cardinal O’Brien should be forgiven?” Steve Nolan show. Radio 5 live last night.

By whom?

Schools, police forces, Etc. are Government administered. So why not the Christian Church? (A compulsory single Church)

Answerable to a government department made up of selected Church members. As compulsory membership means everyone is a member even the government would (will) be members. They will come from within the Church.

Read the following, because this is just some of what you have at present.

‘ About twenty odd years ago, a young guy got off a banana boat from the Isle. of Mauritias, and became a nurse in an Aberdeen hospital. No-one could say his name, so they called him ‘Tulip’. (As Pele is Pele, it’s part of his name) He’s a Dr. Now? He boasted, with a man from Ghana, that they were cannibals. Their religion says a spirit can’t leave a body that’s not eaten. Find him, for now we know Cannibals are real in those places. 80% of the Islanders and Africans. Half the English premier fitba league are practicing cannibals then? ‘

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