Film ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (12A)

Don’t ask me where the beautiful creatures come in?

This is a film for teenagers. Yeshua said there are two worlds “The spirit world, and the world you know.” No one should speculate on the spirit world. (Unless your Dean Koontz) Nothing is impossible in the spirit world, God knows I should know, I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with it.

The good point about this film is. Teenage actors / actresses have learned to keep still. It makes a huge difference. The quality of their acting is now as good as James Dean’s was any day.

The film is about a mother trying to drag her teenage daughter into hell. A teenager in the audience summed it up for me when he said “that’s what Gordon’s mother tried to do to him.” Yes, her and hundreds of her friends and family. Including Gordon Baxter. He blatantly threatened to kill me, or have me killed, many times. What he said to me, and what he told others was entirely different. Always.


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