Two Films ‘Betrayed’ And ‘Paycheck’ And Cinemas

From Poundland: Watched on P.C. in comfort. ‘Betrayed’ is a beautifully made Norwegian film. Totally subtitled into English except for the first and last two minutes or so. A granny is telling her grand-daughter how she helped the resistance in Norway as a singer in a club frequented by Nazi’s. They used the Norwegian factories to produce aluminium for their war machines. She, with others, had to supply allied bombers with details of their targets.

From Poundland: Watched on P.C. in comfort. ‘Paycheck’ starring Ben Affleck, is what you would call sci-fi, but what I see as every day life. He is offered a huge sum of money to give up a few years of his life to make a machine that can see into the future. The machine works, but it works too well. With his memory erased he has to try to stop it being used, using only clues he left himself before the company erased his memory. (My memory gets erased any day)

Cinemas: Cold and uncomfortable places to reach and sit in. The future of the film industry must surely be to release films, like music, immediately. Our Elgin Cinema is earmarked to be a muslim mosque. Best of British to it. The receptionists tell me that despite the decades they have worked there, they have never once watched a decadent west film in it. Or any film. They’d prefer the mosque?

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