One Not Flu Over. The Cuckoo’s Flu Just As Bad.

For some reason the flu always hits me hard. (Bird Flu?) I had a young neighbour died of it. Double lung infection. When the wind is from the east it’s like sleeping outside in an open field. I always say that I’d like to find the house designer, and hang him. Even if he’s already dead.

Daniel 5: 31 Darius the Mede. Which nation does Mede come under now? Too ill to research. Got it, and I must say it doesn’t look good for Britain. Every book in Britain is designed to stir up these people. Media.

Note: Want to save even more money David Cameron P.M? Give us the anti biotic’s we need to be fit again. We should support our leaders, but I could never support Liberals. I came to the same conclusion God came to, and that is they are evil scum, but this benefits cut policy is definitely Conservative policy, is well thought out, and has my support. Government bills must be paid and ends must be met. It had to be done.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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