Should School Trips Include A Game Of Golf?

Should School Trips Include A Game Of Golf? (Single Church Schools Would, And A Lot More Besides)

Would the golf courses survive school visits? We know that tennis is played in school, but few go on to take it seriously. Is golf too much to ask for? How many would go on to be members?

Life is all about discipline and choices. (That is what God’s word/s are all about as well) Self discipline and adherence to the rules. (Maybe lectures on the common sense rules of a golf course would help) However it might take away the feeling of discrimination. It’s that feeling of discrimination that is upsetting people concerning Baroness Margaret Thatcher. It doesn’t really exist, except where it is self imposed by the lack of self discipline to succeed at something else. (I always thought Maggie must watch T.V. political discussions on a Sunday afternoon, because one could be sure their thoughts were her policies on Monday mornings. The Establishment Media really supported their own policies through her. Hopefully my last word on Mrs T.)


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