I’ve Known Over Fifty Suicides

I’ve known Over fifty Suicides, but none recently.

However I see the signs of more to come on face book every day. The reason is always the same. !!!!When all hope is gone!!!! Facebook is giving false hope too.

Take, for example, young mothers. Especially single mothers. They strive to make ends meet, and live in hope of things getting better. They won’t. They struggle to cope with suitable baby sitters who do not exist. Paying bills, and socializing is never an option. Going on trips, especially abroad is not an option. Though the need is there. Love becomes frantic one night stands that become an ever widening and lasting wedge between any meaningful relationships that might have occurred otherwise. Children grow up, and vanish to become the next generation of ungrateful dead, who get into the same rut.

Cry out for a better life all you will. You will never find it except in a single compulsory Church community, where all hope is on tap, for everyone, from everyone, and by the rule of God.

One example recently was someone who said on Facebook “I speak to you all every day, but still you pass me by on the street without a word. Am I wasting my time?”. That is no way to have to live.

Otherwise wake up one morning and find the kids are gone, and taken all hope with them.

At present the media are stealing your life from you for themselves. Like the Torries took your jobs, and gave you welfare benefit.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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