Restaurants, And Prices You Pay In Shops

It has come to my attention that restaurants think to raise their prices because their costs have gone up a lot.

Consider this then:

The price of beef went so high that the only way to get it was to pay around £25 per meal in a restaurant. Now they want to dominate the potato market. Try buying them in a few months after they double their prices. Same with Tea and Coffee now. It’ s impossible to buy them in the shops, they have raised the prices so high. Remember they have to pay to stay in business, and so they do, but they simply charge the customer more.

Thirty years ago, the only thing you could get from a tea room was tea / coffee and a scone or pancake. full stop. And tea rooms were few and far between. Being part of hotels only.

It is a fact of life that starvation could hit western nations soon if restaurants are allowed to continue in business. There is a strong case for closing them all.

Another thing that needs looking into is pub opening times. Again they were only open 11 am  – 9.30 pm (I’d make it 8.00 pm) six days a week. Only hotels being allowed to open on Sundays until fairly recently. (Lhanbryde, for example, should have no pubs at all)

It simply destroyed the work force of Britain. Those given to drinking too much found they could no longer get up for work, and then they discovered they no longer needed to. Crime soared, and the economy went to hell. Those things did more damage to Britain in recent times than anything else.

Restaurants do not have a right to simply pay more and pass it on because it soon after applies in shops as well. The damage they are doing is still reversible by refusing them the right to, and may be required. Food on the family table comes first. Restaurants and pubs are none essential luxuries. (Hotels are essential)


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