White Van Man Strikes Again

Only last week a bus came for us at the Elgin bus station having just been on a school run. In the back, when we got on, was a spaced out person sprawled across two seats. The bus only travels around ten miles, on our run, and back. I told the driver. No one else on that bus was interested. Is she okay? Did she get home? Where to?

Sleeping on short run bus trips should not be allowed. So often they end up in the wrong town, even the wrong direction.

 The evil of society, the way it is, means that in every area there is a dungeon with kidnapped kids kept for ???? Where is the one in Morayshire? Look for it, because it will be there. White van man earns his money.

A single Church would open every door and cellar in an instant. Wild kids and crime in any neighbourhood prevent neighbours finding things out, and keeping order. No one dares report anything for fear of reprisals. Chaos is the evil they need, and protect, because it protects them.

Again: Sack the police. All of them. Hang a few and recruit new one’s from a single Church. The one’s we have are worthless.

Note: The F.B.I. in Cleveland U.S.A congratulated themselves over the Amanda Berry case. “We never lost hope.” They should all lose their jobs though.


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