Steve Beko Had Nothing On Me

Steve Beko Had Nothing On Me: As far as persecution goes Steve Beko was not in my league.

I know nothing about him, but I know he never had as many restraints or deliberate illnesses inflicted upon him, as I have. Not even Christ himself had as many. Probably because he died young.

There was a man who lived near here in the early 1700’s, James MacPherson, who intimidated people into supplying him with sheep, hens Etc. to feed his forty armed gipsy followers. He was hung for sheep stealing in Banff, Banffshire. Though the farmer admitted giving him the sheep under duress. Interestingly it is why Christ divided his disciples up and sent them out to preach in pairs. They would have been treated exactly the same. It was one of the charges brought against Christ. They paid for nothing. Also: Where did they get the bread and fishes to feed the multitude? We were not there. We only have their word for it being a miracle. The reports the law at the time had to deal with would have suggested ‘taking’ for nothing. Even just sitting at the back of the crowd while the baskets were sent around would have left doubt.

Is the bill for the last supper still outstanding or what? Was MacPherson innocent then?

God suggests everything on earth is his. In this he is wrong? Or is he?

This is why I have to work alone. To have followers is to form a scrounging cult. It’s pretty much how people see Churches today as well.


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