The ‘New York Times’ Book Reviews

The ‘New York Times’ Book Reviews: Are streets ahead of the others.

If I see a book has been approved by the New York Times I grab it and know that it will be a good read.

If it has not, then we can be sure it contains immoral ‘live and let live text’. (Providing they’ve heard of it)

The long and the short of publishing is that English writers don’t know about morals. They don’t know the Bible text. They have never learned it. Their entire ‘morality’ comes from watching the BBC / ITV, soaps, politicians, drama, made in the U.K. U.S. writers who write immoral works have to get published in the U.K. American publishers won’t publish them. (Never read them)

It is not good enough. They come up with stories that break every rule in the Bible.  Such books never get endorsed by the New York Times. They know the rules. Live and let live is evil. As is the opinion that everyone is entitled to an opinion. Only the word of God is acceptable opinion for debating in literature. Debate in your own time, but don’t waste his time, or mine, with your effeminate views.


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