St. Malachy ‘Last Pope Prophecy’

St. Malachy ‘Last Pope Prophecy‘:

‘At a time of great persecution of the Church’. In no way think that this is the campaign to rid it of pedophiles and sex abuse. It is not. Though that contributed to it’s weakness and must be done.

A short story:

An ambulance drew up. All lights flashing. The ambulance crew entered the protestant Church in the very centre of town, and climbed the stairs to the room below the belfry. The Church was run entirely by the white niggers who had replaced the Christians, and after a short time they came out with a man on a trolley. Obvious to be seen. The man lay still as death. He was a loner they first created, and then had befriended, to the point he trusted them without question. He’d given them every detail of his life story. Every family member who might miss him. Every person he’d ever spoken to, and what they’d spoken about.

The ambulance drove off amidst comical comments from the Church folk. He was just one of a great many over the years.

A few hours later he was walking the streets again. Fit and healthy. Saying things like. “It must have been something I ate. Ha, ha, ha”. Complimenting what the Church folk said in apparent jest.

He was not the same man you see. He was a white nigger muslim replacement trained to take his place. Another Christian sent to a big vat of cooking waste material to become animal food. His being to continue in the new person with a new lease of life. Accepted everywhere.

The End

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