Can The BBC Afford The Tree Of Life?

Can The BBC Afford The Tree Of Life?

If an image at Gobekli Tepe identifies the tree of life, can the BBC afford to allow it to be found? Bear in mind their past reports. “The earth is millions of years old.” “There is no God.” “Poofing is okay.” “Creatures evolved from nothing.” “The earth will last millions of years yet.” “There can be no resurrection.” “This life is all there is.” “Big bang.” “Adam and Eve were just a story, as are all the Bible stories.”

They speak now of curses on ancient relics. Now I fear for the life of the archaeologists working on the dig at Gobekli Tepe, because there is not a poof or other sinner on the planet who would not kill them to protect themselves. They know when God is proven, they go to everlasting contempt. The BBC included. (Entire Media)

They are willing to kill me, how much more them?

Note: In todays i paper. They will show dying patients landscape views and play soothing music. (They say part of healing, but I have seen this in the future, and it’s assisted deaths. Pure evil)


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