Handling Cooking Sauces The Easy Way

Handling Cooking Sauces The Easy Way:

I use packets because they have them down to a fine art now. However, though there are exceptions to every rule, I never use the instructions these days. (I can make my own sauces, but now choose not to. Though an extra bit cheese, or something,  does sometimes find its way in)

The easy way to handle cooking sauces in food is the same as making your hot chocolate drink before bed.
First you boil your macaroni or what ever. Strain it, and return it to the heat, but immediately add the milk. Bring it back to a simmer, and pour the sauce straight from the packet on to the top and replace the lid.

The next two minutes, approximately, is the most important two minutes of your day. Hold your nerve. There is a lump of sauce mix on top of the macaroni with simmering milk below. The temptation is to stir it too soon. Don’t. If you do it will go lumpy.

Wait until the sauce is the same temperature as the rest of the contents. That is the secret. When it is, it will stir in and thicken, without a lump. It’s also cooking during those two minutes.

The same applies to gravy granules in the mince or stew. The same applies to the hot chocolate. Put it on top of the hot milk in the mug, and wait for the temperature to even. About 1-2 minutes. Stir it lump free. Preferably from below. (Down the side)

Try this recipe:


Long grain rice

Diced potatoes

Cheese sauce (Packet)

Put on the washed rice and macaroni. Dice the potatoes and give them 5-6 minutes in the micro wave. Add them to the pan. continue cooking a couple of minutes. Then sauce as above. (300 mls milk)

Serve with a piece of fresh tomato in centre.

Tesco has a bewildering array of packet sauces now, and they are all perfect. They all work the same way.


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