Money Money Money Always Funny

“Money Money Money Always Funny In The Rich Man’s World.”

I could have made money by doing what others did. Cheating like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Etc.

I could have had money even easier by taking what was on offer from relations.

I could have made a lot of money from my own trade. Easily. (I would have but my mother said her trade was more important, and how her customers laughed at her for that stupidity, as they happily ruined my efforts)

I have all I need, but others do not. I will be rich when they have a single Church to make them rich. That is all we need.

No Church. No God from now on. I’ll keep him to myself.

(Abba: Abba have a song that inspires me (Sometimes) to continue more than any other song. Which one is it? (Not the above) Obviously God inspires me more)


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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