Heat Stroke In Utah

Heat Stroke In Utah U.S.A: (“The day cometh that shall burn as an oven”)

In those kinds of temperatures there are rules you must stick to.

1. Drink plenty of fluids. (Obviously) The slightest hint of cramps drink more. Fluids you’ve already taken on the ‘way out’ won’t serve the purpose in those conditions.

2. Keep a supply of ice cream and ice in the freezer. Ice in the drinks, and ice cream to bring the body temperature down. (Too many people use ice in drinks in colder weather. That makes me shudder)

3. You will not lose heat at night the same as normal. There is nothing like a little ice cream twenty minutes before bed in very hot conditions to make the body comfortable. Drinks first.

4. Climbers on snow covered mountains are warned they must ‘never eat ice’. It can lower the body temperature within twenty minutes and will kill soon after. Proof that it is very, very effective. You don’t need much. It’s actually surprising how little ice cream it takes to make you comfortable in very hot conditions. Do not eat ice. A mouthful, in cold conditions you cannot escape from, will kill.

5. ? No kids or pets in stationery cars Etc.

6. It will get hotter, and it will kill a great many people.

7. Do soldiers in hot countries get supplies of ice cream?

See the video currently on cnn.com

(I’ll have the T.V. licensing round thinking I have a P.C. or T.V. They’ve been pestering me again) Library computers, like. Anyway.


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