Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight: Oh girls, what becomes of you now?

Already you are demanding your privacy, and who can blame you? Certainly not me. Professional help? Next to impossible, because you will find it another form of prison, and you are the innocents. Like me, you will grow to hate the helpers as much, as they actually do more for the guilty.

Hanging the guilty will help. There is little doubt of that, but dragged over decades, again it becomes your torture. You would hear stories, from idiots, that they deserve some sympathy. Forgiveness is one thing, but justice is another. Let God sympathise if he is of a mind to. I don’t think he would somehow.

I think that the defence team of lawyers who represent the guilty should stand with them, and die with them, when a guilty verdict is returned. The pain they will inflict on you, your families, and me during the trial is not justified. There can be no defence. Insanity does not cover the years that were just evil.

Amanda: Go do a shift at your last place of employment. In fact you all should. Get the uniform on. Laugh a little. Cry a lot together. Let the real people be your helpers.


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