To End Music Copyrights Confusion

To End Music Copyrights Confusion:

Some of you are still very misguided as to the laws of copyrights. (It is little wonder industry doesn’t exist here. What with patent rights Etc.)

Firstly: Bands who play live music in pubs and clubs do not pay copyrights. It is up to the venue to hold a Performers Rights Society licence. The musicians can play their own compositions or covers of other people’s work. It will be covered by the compulsory licence held by the venue. A licence is also required for a juke box or radio and hi fi etc. Including in shops and restaurants. The venue could be prosecuted for breaking the rules. Not the musician/s.

Secondly: Musicians are not responsible for paying copyrights on recorded works. It is the responsiblity of the CD manufacturers to pay copyrights. The musician pays them per copy added to the cost. (It was around 6% for a whole album when I recorded my four track cassette, but of course the works were mine, and therefore no copyrights were needed. Any would have been taken off by the manufacturer anyway. Per cassette) 

Thirdly: It is the responsiblity of the Musicians to declare on the works. I.e. on the CD label, all the works on it where copyrights apply.

Fourthly: And this is where Napster broke the rules, because there were no rules to cover it. It is the responsibility of Napster and YouTube to pay copyrights of works on their sites. (Notice YouTube put advertising on the videos to cover this, and their costs, and make a profit) They make money where I can’t, because of the poor quality. It is exactly the same as a music venue, where the venue’s customers pay, except if I were selling music on line it would be mostly hidden, and the cost of copyrights that apply would be added by the server per download, I.e. YouTube.

I myself have never infringed copyright rules. My cassette was pefectly legal, and handled actually by Jim Hunter of Fochabers, who was in the industry for decades.

Despite this David Smith and Graeme Wilson of the local heritage centre decided to confiscate all my tapes as they were destributed, and tell everyone who had one that they infringed copyrights. They lied through their teeth. I actually reported them to the police, and was told they could do nothing because they hadn’t broken any laws. They broke laws, but our police did not know the laws. They stole my work, my life, and Elgin Cathedral, but nothing can be done about it, because you don’t know the rules either.


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