Cancer Is An Invention. Fact

Cancer Is An Invention. Fact:

Cancer is merely a means to reduce the numbers. In Scotland they have killed millions over the past hundred years.

List of recent terminations by the Catholic Knights and Protestant Free Masons. (Free masons follow the Koran)

Gary Corsie; (Cross Dresser) Alan Spence; (Talked too much about Neil Fraser and Co.) Pat. Hendry. (Almost) (Pro.) I could extend this list considerably into thousands if I had all the names. When the masons decided to end my mother’s capers they had to bring in two scum. male / female from Montrose. Scum personified. The reason being all the locals were her customers. She should have been hung by the law.

Here is  a list of active brothels in Elgin meantime for them to terminate in their cowardly way.

Muse; W.H. Smith’s; Shoe Zone; Thunderton; (Man Creche indeed) any hotel; (Just book in and place your order)

I want the Lhanbryde Church, who are responsible for many such cowardly deaths, closed down, and their elders locked up. Fordyce springs to mind. A Nazi German war relic who, with his son George supplies drugs to much of the village including Pat. And they’ve condemned Pat, who only needed a job really and no drugs.

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