Inside A Scientist’s Head

I’m Inside A Scientist’s Head Today:

Well here I am looking for a new residence, and so I find myself inside a scientist’s head today. Plenty of room and loads of cupboard space is the first thing I notice. Computers everywhere, and entirely empty interior, with exceptional possibilities.

What brings about this sudden desire to move after twenty seven years in your present house you might ask?

Simple. Since I moved into my present home it has become progressively smaller. Considering it is only 26 feet by 26 feet outside measurements, and little more that a big cupboard anyway, I’m finding it difficult to cope with the ever decreasing space I’m being left to live in.

First they came and put a gas boiler in a cupboard. Said cupboard now of little use to me. Then they came and removed another cupboard completely when they fitted the new Kitchen. Despite the fact the plans said replace it. Lazy joiners are the only excuse. Kitchen cupboards are of little use. Two packs of two kitchen towels fills one for example.

On Wednesday of this week British Gas replaced my electricity meter in the small hall cupboard. Lo and behold I find a sticker on the wall now that says, more or less, “Hoi this is another cupboard we need, and you will no longer keep anything in it. It’s ours now, because smart meters send us information, but only if the (Our) cupboard is otherwise empty.”

And so this afternoon I intend to remove the smart meters myself, and because I really like them, I’m going to install them in this completely empty scientist’s  head. Like. Anyway.

Ed says: Gordon is only kidding. He wouldn’t know how to do that. We hope.

Gordon says: Maybe not Ed, but an empty space is an empty space, and not to be wasted.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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