A Little Bit More About Memory Compartments

A Little Bit More About Memory Compartments: (And why you must be specific when talking to one such as myself)

Think of your memory as being little cupboards in the brain. With little snippets, of the same subject perhaps, entered at different times. I lived with my mother for over two decades, and she knew about my memory, and she knew how to use it. She also, I suspect, taught a lot of others how to use it to their advantage. I.e. ‘Bible John’.

I can have the same memory subject in several cupboards of my brain. Same as you. However unlike you I cannot link between cupboards. It is therefore easy for people, who know how to phrase the questions, to access the memory they want, and leave the rest untouched, by not broaching the appropriate subject, time or date.

My mother could convince people in a crowded room, and get me to back her up, of one thing, which in fact was totally the opposite. She knew exactly how to phrase the questions, and if anybody else tried to elaborate on the same subject, she’d simply change the subject. It suited her criminal mind to control. No-one ever questioned me, because as far as they were concerned. I would have already stated my case.

Some police even use this against me on the streets when they want to protect any such as drug dealers. (I could not be a witness in court for example. Unless the lawyers were made to use appropriate questioning)

This is why I prefer the written word. Where the truth prevails and the Holy Bible rules. It is no good assuming I will remember just because you do. (Kelsey. She won’t tell me her name) (I’m also hard of hearing and often respond ‘yes’, for example, even though I never heard. Like the blind saying “I see.” This is another method organised criminals use illegally)

Note: It is well known that Leprosy clogs the mind.

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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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