Shit Without Sugar On It. Literally

Shit Without Sugar On It. Literally:

 How many times have I posted this kids? And on how many previous web pages of mine? At least five I think. “This happened to me, or was done to me, in Elgin Police station”, and I was, and still am, more innocent than him, Daniel Chong, or any police persons. Despite police and criminals attempts to incriminate me. I have lost more as well, and sought only the right to make music for God. See also my comment below. See also the photo of my leg.

I still only seek the right to preach God’s word by my music, and rebuild Christianity. Mostly to give criminals a chance and place to repent. Surely that is obvious.

Comment: I later found the policeman who was on cells duty that day attending a meeting of the Elgin Gays and Lesbians in the N.H.S. shop West High Street Elgin. If Elton John, or any other poof says they are good, hang them anyway, because they never are. Butter would not melt in their perverted mouths. That toilet had shit in it. He left a cup but no water, turned the heating to full, and when they opened the door next day, they ‘said’ they had no idea I was in there. No one came to look or answered my shouts.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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