Life’s A Mark. The Mark Is Beast

You will have noticed that there is a law for some, and none for others like me. While the muslim Bible John drives around in big cars and owns big houses, with dungeons, I suffer the consequences of being a Christian.

If two men walk into the same doctors surgery with identical illnesses, one is liable to be given a pat on the back, a prescription, and told he will be better in a few weeks. Which he will be. The other will be told that no drugs will help him, and he will be dead in three months. Which he will be.

This happens here all the time.

If Phylis and Co. were made to give a full description of what they do for a living, Britain would disappear. They say it is American technology, but I think it is a British concept? The official secrets act, in their case, hides their mass murders. How can I be so sure?

“There are ten men who have received no kingdom as yet. They will receive power with the beast for one hour. God will put in their hearts to go along with the beast for a time. (Until they are all installed in power) These men will hate the whore that is Phyllis and Co. (Babylon) and tear her claws in pieces.”

To try to control society by trying to control the thoughts in people’s head is to try to play God. It will be wrong, and go wrong, 9,999 times out of 10,000, and the other time will be just luck. It causes all kinds of evil. Imagine giving a fool such as phyllis such power! She’s as thick as the literal two planks. Remember how my mother pulled the wool over their eyes for decades. Blind leading blind. I would have her hung for her evil, alongside Bible John and his pal Bruce Taylor.

The Press and Journal, over the years, have tried every trick to incriminate me. Try on fools.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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